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Presentation at the yacht club in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

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Plans for the environmental recovery of Pollensa Bay

Previous reports have highlighted the degradation of the seabed and contamination by the wastewater network.

Andrew Ede13/01/2023 09:12

And if you had a limited budget to invest (as is always the case) what would you fund?


A roadmap for the Balearic Sea

If you had to protect the Balearic Sea where would you start?

Marilles foundation03/12/2021 11:35

Save the Med poster

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Save The Med’s LIST makes it easy to buy local during lockdown

Together, we are all custodians of these islands. Buy local and protect what makes them special.

Save the Med17/04/2020 12:10

We want nature back but not like this

Nautical Notes

We want nature back but not like this

But what other changes are going on under the water?

Marilles Foundation27/03/2020 22:44



A ten-year battle to protect our oceans comes to Majorca

"Plastic doesn’t sound very sexy, but it is an extremely important threat to our present and, more importantly, our future and it effects our daily lives on a huge scale."

Humphrey Carter15/11/2015 00:00