News of the day 10 October 2022
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Find out which ships are in port today

The Silversea Silver Moon is one of the four cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Flowers arrive at the clinic.

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"It’s a beautiful news. I wish his wife and baby a lot of health and happiness"

"As a father, I’m not going to give any advice," Djokovic said with a smile.

Jason Moore

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"It´s cheaper to come to Spain on holiday than put the central heating on in Britain..."

For many thousands of British pensioners spent the winter in Mallorca hotels.

Jason Moore

The tiger mosquito population will continue to grow.

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Mallorca mosquito alert issued for autumn

Risk that the tiger mosquito population will grow.

Humphrey Carter

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Elizabeth Debicki has been starring as Lady Di filming in Mallorca.


Mallorca set for more Golden Globes

Mallorca's attraction as a top film location goes from strength to strength.

Humphrey Carter

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Who, What, Where, When, Why?

WHERE can you buy those deliciously sweet, white onions which the Mallorcans put in their salads?

Peter Clover

Holiday / Hotels
Holiday / Travelling
Check Spain Coviud entry rules if coming from the UK.


Balearic Covid entry rules for Britons until mid November

Be careful with regards to smoking on bar and restaurant terraces in the Balearics,

Humphrey Carter

Four cruise ships docked in Palma today, Monday.


Palma proves top cruise destination

New restrictions on cruise traffic will come into full force next year.

Humphrey Carter

Weather / Latest news
Parts of Mallorca braced for more flooding this week.

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Mallorca placed on higher weather alert for Tuesday

Fears of even more flooding in some areas of the island.

Humphrey Carter

Island life / Living


Welcome to Circle Carbon

"At Circle Carbon Labs in Mallorca, Spain and through the production and application of Biochar we remove CO2 from the atmosphere, regenerate soil, increase yields and improve the quality of produce through added nutrient uptake while requiring less water to improve food security and help build more resilient communities."

Jessika Ekman

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