News of the day 12 September 2023
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Metro train in Palma, Mallorca

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Free public transport in Mallorca has so far cost ten million euros this year

At present, it's not certain if the free transport scheme will continue in 2024.

Andrew Ede

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Selling up? Big rise in the number of hotels for sale in Balearics

Majority of big international chains represented on the island.

Jason Moore

Tourists at the Sa Foradada viewpoint in Deia, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Who's to blame for Mallorca's "tourist saturation"? The last Balearic government

"115,000 tourist accommodation places were authorised over the eight years."

Andrew Ede

News / Celebs
Dua Lipa soakes up the sun by the pool.


British singer Dua Lipa holidays in the Balearics

She has been soaking up the sun in Ibiza for the last three weeks with her partner, film director Romain Gavras.

MDB Digital

Holiday / Lifestyle

Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Tuesday, September 12

With there being an emphasis on personal fulfillment and a need for immediate gratification, there's a strong chance that we don't want to get stuck doing something we don't like today

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Holiday / Beaches
Killian Bermúdez - photographer in Mallorca


The man who photographs Mallorca's most beautiful beaches

His photographs can make "the northern European winter feel less cold".

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Airport
See video: Two arrested at Ibiza Airport for engaging in sexual activity on board an EasyJet aircraft


See video: Two arrested at Ibiza Airport for engaging in sexual activity on board an EasyJet aircraft

According to section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004, it is illegal to have sex in a public toilet.

MDB Digital

Holiday / Travelling
The Marella Discovery 2 is in Palma today


Find out which ships are in port today

There are two cruise ships docking in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Eurowings plane at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

How far will this tourism season extend?

Low-season tourism in Mallorca is reliant on the German and Spanish markets.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Attractions
In autumn, Lío offers spectacular shows and parties.


Get ready for a buzzing autumn at Lio

Lío opens from Thursday to Sunday with lots of surprises and special Halloween parties

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Wine tours and tasting are a great activity for this autum!


Explore the beauty of autumn in Mallorca

Autumn in Mallorca offers a serene escape from the summer hustle and bustle...

Ashlee Caliz

A HAUNTING IN VENICE Official Trailer (2023)


Hercule Poirot returns to the big screen in English in Palma this weekend

The film is based on the novel Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie. Also check what else is showing across Mallorca this week.

Christina Buchet

Weather / Latest news

Latest news

Wash-out week in Mallorca

"Some sun is being forecast for Sunday...."

Jason Moore

Radar for Mallorca for 12 September, 2023

Latest news

Wednesday's weather in Mallorca - Alerts for rain and storms

The forecast for Mallorca for Wednesday, September 13.

Andrew Ede

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