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Playa de Palma hoteliers are fed up with the lack of proper control.

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Prohibition in Magalluf, anarchy in Playa de Palma

"The problem will end up getting out of hand if it persists next season."

Humphrey Carter17/11/2022 16:15

Time to stop Brit-bashing in the Balearics.


Tables turn on the Brits

Whats is going to be done about the Playa de Palma?

Humphrey Carter14/11/2022 13:21

The Balearics appear to have sent out the wromg message to some of the British media.


The Sun not that impressed with Mallorca’s London “promotion”

“We are not interested in having the budget tourists from the UK...."

Humphrey Carter10/11/2022 09:33

Magalluf is changing but will it please everyone?

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Fears this is the end of Magalluf

Fears that the fun is being taken out of Magalluf.

Humphrey Carter28/10/2022 13:19

The director of the world-famous Pirates Adventure Show in Magalluf, Richie Prior


“Mallorcan politicians need to be asking what young people want, not deciding for them...”

"The politicians should be asking young people want they like to do, get more engaged on the ground..."

Humphrey Carter07/09/2022 14:47