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Becker expected to be home in Germany for Christmas.

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Becker soon to leave jail in the UK and his Mallorca troubles behind

Mallorcan estate was worth 50 million pounds at the height of the property market.

Humphrey Carter08/12/2022 14:41

Becker may be released from a British jail by Christmas.


Boris Becker will not be back in Mallorca for Christmas

The 54-year-old owed creditors almost £50m over an unpaid loan of more than £3m on his estate in Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter07/11/2022 15:33

Becker's former estate on Mallorca

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From Mallorca estate to jail: the rise and fall of Boris Becker

“The story will be set against the background of a golden era for tennis – a time of hedonism, big bucks and even bigger characters…

Jason Moore24/10/2022 12:01

Becker's Mallorca villa caught up in court case.

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Becker's Mallorca house in London court

Becker is said to have taken out a £3million loan for his Mallorcan villa.

ReutersHumphrey CarterReuters22/03/2022 13:00