Etiqueta 'British travellers'
British tourists at Ibiza airport


Brits taking off on holiday; it’s up -up and away!

“A Tui Travel survey claims that there are at least “15 signs” that a typical Brit will exhibit when he or she should travel abroad by aeroplane...”

Frank Leavers20/04/2023 15:11

Passports are stamped because of the new ninety day rule


Long delays

“Cameron did warn of long queues at airports if Britain voted for Brexit during the referendum”

Jason Moore05/04/2023 11:52

Government eases restrictions

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What you need to know when travelling to the UK

Children aged 12-15 in England will be able to prove their vaccination status or proof of prior infection via a digital NHS COVID Pass from 3 February for outbound travel.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/01/2022 11:19

“The two jab system for travel makes perfect sence to me....”

Majorca tourism

Viewpoint: To travel

“The two jab system for travel makes perfect sense to me....”

Jason Moore22/06/2021 10:21


Holiday season

“While the rest of Europe is opening up Britain is closing down...”

Jason Moore15/06/2020 18:00