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Protest in Mallorca

“Rather than declaring the march illegal, there should have been dialogue...”

Jason Moore20/01/2021 09:05

US President Trump


Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

Unfortunately, it seems to be the case nowadays that the concept of ‘democracy’ is becoming a movable-feast.

Frank Leavers11/01/2021 13:24

Revolt of the Brotherhoods

Enjoying Majorca

Masters of their destiny: Revolt of the Brotherhoods

There's no real evidence to suggest that the revolt in Majorca was in some way coordinated with what happened in Valencia.

Andrew Ede28/04/2020 10:40


The will of the people

There is no perfect system, and Spain is no different in this regard.

Andrew Ede04/02/2020 10:07


When times are hard

“When times are hard for Britain it is best to keep a low profile.”

Jason Moore07/09/2019 09:53


Letters to the Editor

A longterm resident responds to Humphrey Carter's Viewpoint.

Michael Everett13/08/2019 11:22