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A Ryanair flight taking off from Palma airport.


Fly to Mallorca this low season

When and where can I fly to Mallorca from? These are the airlines flying to the island from the UK this Autumn-Winter.

Ashlee Caliz15/09/2023 14:53

Fashion trend


Get shorty!

“While many Brits wrap up warm to try to reduce their energy bills this winter, there seems to be an unusual fashion trend defying the seasonal chill...”

Frank Leavers10/02/2023 12:10

Snow on Mallorca


A winter warmer

I can honestly say I’ve never known weather quite like it here..

Peter Clover08/02/2023 11:54

Beach tourism.

Latest headlines

Mallorca shines in London....Dream On!

"On a beautiful sunny morning, I was amazed to see all the sun shades and loungers being removed from the beaches. It is almost is if they can’t wait to shut down and end the season. I am told this wasn’t always the case....."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/11/2021 10:51

Orange tree


How to get through the winter months in our garden

For the garden, you have to remember that plants won't like cold nights and strong winds.

Dorothy Loeffler18/01/2021 13:51