Etiqueta 'Michelin stars Mallorca'


Aromata: Haute Cuisine with the best products from Mallorca

Aromata's cuisine is constantly changing as well as the variety of wines that are adapted to match the dishes.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/08/2022 10:13

Luxury tourism on the rise in Mallorca


Mallorca offers exclusive experiences

Luxury tourism has taken off choosing Mallorca over other Mediterranean destinations. From 5-star hotels, private jets and yachts to Michelin starred restaurants to dine at and let's not forget designer shopping.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/11/2021 13:09

Chocolate Tart

Food & Fosh

Chefs, rock stars? I don’t think so!

When I first started cooking, chefs were mostly unsung heroes who stayed firmly tied their kitchens stoves and never ventured out into the dining room seeking approval every five minutes from their adoring fans.

Marc Fosh27/04/2020 10:27

Lemon-herb crusted chicken schnitzels with tzatziki & salad leaves

Food & Fosh

Time to reminisce…

A whole chicken is such a valuable and versatile ingredient, and if you get a little creative, it can easily supply fast, tasty meals for 3-4 days easily.

Marc Fosh20/04/2020 10:05