News of the day 24 July 2021
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A woman receives a dose of the Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine in Madrid

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Spaniards queue up for shots, hoping to leave COVID behind them

Spain is sitting 4th in the European Union and 11th worldwide of the population given at least one dose of the vaccine.


Guardia Civil Officers in Puerto Andratx.

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Luxury watch robbers return to Puerto Andratx

Two luxury watches have been stolen from tourists in the last 10 days.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Construction in Palma.

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Affordable property hard to find in the Balearics

"The recovery of new flats is insufficient to alleviate a problem that already existed before the pandemic..”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

British tourists arriving in Mallorca.

Majorca tourism

Good news and Bad News for Balearic Tourism

Jet2, Ryanair, EasyJet and British Airways say flight bookings have progressively increase since July 19.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Carrer de Bonaire, Palma.

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Palma residents fail to stop ACIRE extension

A petition against the ACIRE de Sant Jaume extension has been signed by more than 3,000 people.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Number of Covid cases on the increase.

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Covid cases remain high in the Balearics

"Number of people with Covid in local hospitals increases....."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mallorca heatwave.

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The summer is heating up on Mallorca

"Island expected to be on orange alert...."

Today's protest in Inca

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Thirty people rally against the bullfight of Inca

"Nobody missed the bullfighting slaughter when it was suspended during the pandemic".

Jane Leitch, open water swimmer.

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The Sunday Interview: Jane Leitch's Mallorca charity swim

"No-one has officially swum around Cabrera and we had to get special permission because it is a natural marine reserve.."

Humphrey Carter

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“Two radical parties from across the political divide in Spain could be in govt....”


Viewpoint: Sea change

“Two radical parties from across the political divide in Spain could be in govt....”

Jason Moore

Covid passports are going to become part of our future as we move forward

Coronavirus news

Viewpoint: Your passport to the future

Covid passports are going to become part of our future as we move forward.

Humphrey Carter

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The mussels on the half shell were worth a 10


The restaurant review: Traditional Spanish tapas still the finest

Our restaurant critic visits where the best traditional Spanish tapas have been served on the island for over 80 years.

Andrew Valente

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Palma Cathedral.

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Mallorca Weather Forecast for July 25

If you're making plans this weekend, check the weather all over the Island before you leave home by clicking here.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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