News of the day 20 February 2023
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Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

The GESA building has been abandoned for over 15 years.

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New lease of life for Mallorca’s great white elephant

GESA building will finally be restored and renovated and become a Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art.

Humphrey Carter

The deputy spokesman for MÉS per Mallorca, Josep Ferrà.

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Mallorcan political party determined to ban Balearic foreign property sales

Balearics to have more of a say of what happens in the region and not Madrid.

Humphrey Carter

German couple were airlifted to safety.

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Hikers rescued after night in Mallorcan mountains

It has been a busy winter for the mountain rescue teams.

Humphrey Carter

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Larry the cat at Downing Street.


Vote for... Larry the Downing Street cat

“I wonder what Larry would make of the recent outpourings of former premier Liz Truss...”

Frank Leavers

Tourist saturation


Hawaii Ten-0: - Mallorca is not alone

O’ahu is where most people live and is the island which draws in the most tourists.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Lifestyle
Buying a perscription at the chemist


The waiting game at the chemist

The Mallorcans specialise in turning simple, everyday events like banking, posting a letter, shopping etc into a social gathering.

Peter Clover

Tourist season 2023


Can't afford to holiday in Soller Valley anymore

This year everything came under their scrutiny from self-catering apartments to luxury villas.

Shirley Roberts

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Photo: Alberto Darder Rosell

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Snow on the Mallorca mountains for a month

Winter is one of the coldest on record

Jason Moore

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