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Tourist tax

Tourist tax: “It is a small price to pay for a better Majorca...”

“As I said earlier it is a small charge; (1.7 percent of the cost of a holiday), children will not pay and also it will not be charged on a daily basis so that long-stay tourists do not pay more.”

Jason Moore26/09/2015 00:00


Kindhearted British resident offers sisters his home for free

Sisters Emily and Daisy Wolton were yesterday still waiting for some response from the company which "ripped them off" over a holiday let in Palma. However, good news came from elsewhere.

Humphrey Carter03/09/2015 00:00


Barceló will impose standards for holiday apartment legalisation

Regional tourism minister, Vice-President Biel Barceló, has told hoteliers from Ibiza and Formentera that there will be no “massive” legalisation of private apartments for holiday rental.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/08/2015 00:00