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Alcudia Mallorca, Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus

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Approval for regeneration of Alcudia’s Mile - But now what?

Hoteliers have been very much better than the public sector when it comes to modernisation.

Andrew Ede05/02/2022 10:26

Parking in Bellevue and by the Siestas in Puerto Alcudia

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Spotlight North: And traffic down Bellevue way

The time is long, long overdue for all stakeholders to sit down and come up with sensible and amicable solutions.

Andrew Ede21/08/2021 13:23


Alcudia promises "maximum control" for Bellevue student "festival"

Vallori said that if there is a repetition of problems, "measures" will be taken, stressing that there is to be "maximum control".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/06/2016 00:00


Town hall supports Bellevue businesses over new bridge

The bridges are not something over which the town hall has any real power, as they are the responsibility of the Costas Authority.

Andrew Ede31/05/2016 00:00


Businesses concerned about losses because of new Alcudia bridge

Bar and shop owners along Pedro Mas y Reus say that the bridge will divert tourists away from their businesses.

Andrew Ede27/05/2016 00:00


Alcudia to undergo a major facelift

A four-year project, in four phases, that will transform the whole of Bellevue into four-star accommodation.

Andrew Ede16/11/2015 00:00