News of the day 5 August 2022
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Disinfecting tables in Menorca during the pandemic

Coronavirus news

Balearic government facing claims because of Covid restrictions

The government will dismiss the claims, so they will almost certainly end up before the courts.

Andrew Ede

Tractor protest against a proposed rail extension to Alcudia, Mallorca

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Alcudia expressing opposition to rail extension

Alcudia's mayor is proposing that there is a "good shuttle bus service" to connect Alcudia and Sa Pobla than a rail extension.

Andrew Ede

Lights to be switched off early at Palma Cathedral.

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It's lights out for Palma Cathedral

Palma council saving money and energy.

Humphrey CarterHumphrey Carter

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A veteran ship with a Mediterranean mission

The Toftevaag is also tracking illegal mesh nets, dubbed “walls of death”, in an unrelenting campaign against illegal fishing with drift nets.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Spain on the in short supply

But tourism has bounced back to coincide with one of Spain's hottest summers on record, with a third successive heatwave likely to be declared this week.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Tourists in Palma in autumn


Chill winds

Britain and Germany are having some major economic woes and this will impact on the Balearics.

Jason Moore

Spain is subsidising the price of petrol


We’re being robbed

BP has reported a profit of $8.5 billion for its second quarter.

Humphrey Carter

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Cartia Mallan in Mallorca.


Mallorca shines on Australia - you beauty!

From Brisbane to the Mallorcan bush...

Humphrey Carter

Apollonia Llewellyn has been enjoying Mallorca.


Top British model stuns fans from Mallorca

She currently holds the Title of World Teen Supermodel of England.

Humphrey Carter

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Weather / Temperatures
Canyamel, Mallorca


Friday's weather in Mallorca

And another yellow alert for high temperatures - the alerts just keep on coming.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Paperwork / Paperwork
Minister Karl McCartney, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Transport


Latest update on British driving licences in Spain

"We want to have you back on the road as soon as possible".

Humphrey Carter

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Coca Mallorquina

Food and drink

Delicious Finger Food!

My favourite “coca” is topped with roasted peppers, tomatoes and onions.

Marc Fosh

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