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Mallorca Weather Forecast for January 20

You can keep up to date with the weather across the island here.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma prison

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Prisoner expelled from Spain for setting up a jihadist cell in Palma

Suspect offered significant money to other inmates to join Islamic State.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Reyes Maroto and Francina Armengol.

Majorca tourism

Balearic Islands forecast to exceed three million Spanish tourists this year

Airlines and wholesalers foresee a full recovery of the domestic market in the Islands and the Government highlights its economic impact.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The second animal found dead at La Victoria

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Off-lead dogs are killing La Victòria's wildlife

In the last week and a half, a goat and a kid have been killed by dogs.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Novak Djokovic federal court hearing, in Melbourne

Coronavirus news

Djokovic bets on a COVID cure as he quests for tennis history

The company is developing a peptide, which inhibits the coronavirus from infecting the human cell, expects to launch clinical trials in Britain this summer.


Gabriel Escarrer of Meliá at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid


Meliá boss optimistic about this summer's tourism prospects

A difficult first quarter, but optimism for the second and third quarters.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Arrested in Mallorca for not paying hotel bills

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Prison for swindling hotels out of 8,000 euros

Investigators believe that further cases will be reported.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Queuing for Covid testing in Palma, Mallorca

Coronavirus news

Balearics coronavirus figures for Thursday, January 20

A rise in the daily number of cases; four more deaths reported.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Military buildup.


Spain sends warships to counter Russian threats

"Russia cannot tell any country what to do, so NATO will protect and defend the sovereignty of any country that can or wants to join NATO,"


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“The party is over for Johnson, he should call an early election....”


Loyalty to Johnson?

“The party is over for Johnson, he should call an early election....”

Jason Moore

With inflation at a 30-year high in Spain, will wages go up?


Spain’s energy poverty

With inflation at a 30-year high in Spain, will wages go up?

Humphrey Carter

Brits need to brace themselves as heating bills plop through their letterboxes.


Keeping warm - in the deep midwinter!

Find out what Frank Leavers has to say about how to endure this winter on the island.

Frank Leavers



The barely transparent portals of town halls

What could be done to improve the current situation? What do you think?

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Lifestyle
Easy Quail Recipe


Quail - Full of flavour, simple to cook and easy on the pocket

Find out why quail is one of the best items on the market, yet few people buy it.

Andrew Valente

Eventually, using these routes a walk around the whole of Mallorca will be possible.


Nan’s Day Out for a blossom hunt along the 221

"We are not having the fastest walk in the world but it is always very beautiful."

Shirley Roberts

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Eating Out / Festive Food
Cannelloni of oxtail stewed in red wine

Kitchens and Cooks with passion

A sensory journey through the haute cuisine from the past

The chefs from the Cantina Panza restaurant, Fernando Arellano and Javier Gardonio, produce the second menu of ‘Kitchens and Cooks with passion’, which seeks to stir up memories of the gastronomy of the past through the palate and with a slow-cooked cuisine.

Marga Font

Island life / Schools
Queen's College school students


Queen’s College - Change is happening!

Year 12 biology students were asked to investigate the levels of Vitamin C in different juices.

Queen's College

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