News of the day 9 July 2022
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Valiant Lady

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Find out which ships are in port today

Virgin's Valiant Lady will be in port today, alongside the Marella Discovery 2, Aidacosma and Norwegian Epic.

Ashlee Caliz

Court appearance in Palma, Mallorca for suspect accused of fatal assault

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One of the Cala Major attacker's friends knew the victim

The three people who were with the attacker have yet to be located.

Andrew Ede

Two arrive at court in Palma, Mallorca after attacking horse carriage drivers

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Arrested for attacking horse carriage drivers

One of the attackers insisted that they had wanted to make a "joke video".

Andrew Ede

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The face of the earliest human

"The first week of July 2022 will enter the history of human evolution," the team added in a statement.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Calls for powers to shut down bars in Mallorca

Playa de Palma hoteliers calling for action against "tourism of excesses".

Humphrey CarterHumphrey Carter

Guardia Civil traffic police in Mallorca

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Death on Arta-Can Picafort road

The accident occurred around quarter to six on Saturday morning.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Ronaldo and family, Photo: Instagram.


Ronaldo and paparazzi, superyachts come up short and scandalous prices

"Some of the prices being charged at beach bars are outrageous...."

Jason Moore

Des Mitchell; Magalluf legend,


"Magalluf is always going to be Magalluf"

"It's pointless just pointing the finger at the British. Magalluf has never been a purely British resort. Nowadays it’s more cosmopolitan and international than ever."

Humphrey Carter

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Michael and Gemma Owen to meet up in Mallorca.


Michael Owen set to join Love Island in Mallorca

Michael Owen's daughter Gemma is taking part in Love Island.

Humphrey Carter

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Travelling around Mallorca: a visit to the Capelleta


Travelling around Mallorca: a visit to the Capelleta

The Capelleta is the gothic Church which is built to resemble the shrine of Bernadette in Lourdes.

Shirley Roberts

Holiday / Hotels
Hotel in Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Mallorca hotels' revenue back to pre-pandemic levels

The rapid reactivation of tourism this summer had not been expected.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Beaches
Arenal beach


When a day at the beach was just a day

The tenth of July came to mark the start of the bathing season.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Attractions
Torrent de Pareis/ Sa Calobra


In a place called Paradise

How did the Torrent de Pareis come to be known as the Torrent de Pareis?

Andrew Ede

Weather / Temperatures
Cala Gat, Mallorca


Saturday's weather in Mallorca

Amber alerts for high temperatures on the mainland, but no alerts in Mallorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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