News of the day 10 July 2023
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Briton was caught trying to board a plane at Palma airport.

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Briton arrested at Palma Airport for allegedly raping his girlfriend in Magalluf

The man was arrested at around 11am at Palma Airport when he was trying to board a plane home.

Humphrey Carter

The motocyclists from Mallor Kawa come to the rescue

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A BIG thank you to Mallor Kawa!

A Canadian couple on holiday on Mallorca share an experience they will never forget!

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporterDale and Sandra Stirling

Road works on the motorway from Inca to Alcudia in 2005

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Motorway to Alcudia - Would it ever be built?

The motorway extension from Inca to Sa Pobla opened at the end of May 2006 but why did it stop at Sa Pobla?

Andrew Ede

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UK and German tourists in Palma


Ever upward: May’s tourism in Mallorca and the Balearics

There seems to me to be an obsessive desire to see Mallorca and the Balearics fail and to blame whatever most suits one’s own narrative, be this Brexit, prices, government attitude, cost-of-living crisis, tourist tax (select as applicable).

Andrew Ede

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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are back in Mallorca.


Catherine Zeta-Jones shows off her freckled legs in Mallorca

It's been a busy summer so far the Hollywood couple.

Humphrey Carter

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What does your horoscope say about you today: Monday, July 10

It's a great day for handling just about any project or goal we've got on the agenda.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Fashion Event

Europe's favourite 'Vintage Kilo' sale makes its way to Mallorca this summer

High-quality vintage clothes sold by the kilo

Ashlee Caliz


Boost your Mallorca tan with these foods all summer long

They play a key role in the duration and quality of your golden skin.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

La Bottega di Michele on Calle Fabrica in Santa Catalina opened just over 25 years ago.


Mallorca’s theatre of Italian dreams in Palma

“I like to think that coming to my restaurant is like going to theatre. It’s an experience, but a lot goes on behind the scenes and, unlike a film when things go wrong and you can shout ‘cut’ and start all over again..."

Humphrey Carter

Holiday / Hotels
Holiday / Beaches
Torrente de Pareis has been voted best beach in Europe.


Americans going wild for Torrent de Pareis, Mallorca: Best beach in Europe 2023

The 15 beaches selected are the most-voted by thousands of travelers from 83 countries.

Humphrey Carter


My top five Mallorca beaches

"Mallorca has first-rate beaches."

Jason Moore

Holiday / Airport


Flying away today from Mallorca?

"Palma airport, is one of the busiests in Europe..."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Holiday / Travelling
Symphony of th Seas - one of the largest cruise ships


Find out which ships are in port today

The Symphony of the Seas is the only cruise ship to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

easyJet has been forced to cancel thousands of flights for this summer.


Thousands of UK summer holiday flights cancelled

Summer holiday disruption is only going to get worse.

Humphrey Carter

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Mallorca to be placed on red heat alert.

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Mallorca melts, going to feel like 50ºC on Tuesday

Temperatures will not begin to ease until Thursday.

Humphrey Carter

Food and drink / Food and drink

Food and drink

Mallorca's top 'Chiringuitos': Unveiling the beachside gastronomy experience

Follow Mia around Mallorca to the “Chiringuitos” that stole her heart!

Mia Naprta

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