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Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, with representatives of organisations that will tackle prostitution.


More police and action on prostitutes in Calvia

The town hall has signed an agreement with three organisations that are committed to tackling the problem of prostitution.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/06/2017 00:00

Local police in Magalluf's Punta Ballena.


Briton arrested for attacking Magalluf police

A "giant" of an English holidaymaker attacked three members of the local police force.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/06/2017 00:00

Local police during a neo-Nazi incident four years ago.


Union blames town hall for Playa de Palma police shortage

The CCOO union says that on Friday only two officers were patrolling the front line between Balnearios One and Eight.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/06/2017 00:00

Playa de Muro, where police numbers are not as they might be.


Playa de Muro suffering from lack of police

Muro now has 19 police officers in all but only twelve of them are in the shift system.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/06/2017 00:00

Local police numbers in Palma are being increased.


Mass deployment of local police in Palma resorts this summer

Police will be cracking down on drinking in the street, illegal street traders and other issues in the resorts.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/05/2017 00:00

The Segway patrol. Doubtless there'll be more people on the beach.


Segway police for Magalluf

Segways, quad bikes and a support vehicle for the local police in Magalluf.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/05/2017 00:00

Palma town hall has been suggesting that police have not been working all the hours they should do.


Union attacks town hall over police working hours' allegations

The union was hitting back at what Palma's councillor for public safety has said about police working hours.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/11/2016 00:00

José María Rodríguez is strongly denying claims against him.


The sordid affairs of Palma's police

Juan Manuel Penalva, the judge investigating corruption in the Palma force, claims that Rodríguez was the "architect in the shadows".

Andrew Ede05/07/2016 00:00

Jose Maria Rodriguez has protested his innocence over the corruption allegations.


PP heavyweights forced to resign over police corruption case

Jose Maria Rodriquez, Alvaro Gijon and Sandra Fernandez have stepped down because of alleged involvement with corruption within Palma’s local police force.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/07/2016 00:00

Local police forces heading for a shake-up.


Government looking to change the “model” of local police forces

'The current model of local police forces in the Balearics is not responding to the needs of the public.'

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/03/2016 00:00

Antoni Morey from a press conference with the councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor


Palma police: "this is war"

Devastating letter from police chief attacks those on the "bandwagon against corruption".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/02/2016 00:00

Palma’s councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor.


Threats are not stopping Palma police from working

“The threats will not stop us in our duty,” stated Pastor, who was wishing to show her support for the “institution” of the local police force.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/02/2016 00:00

Sant Ferran headquarters.


Palma police on the point of rebelling

The town hall's councillor for public safety has had - on two occasions - to convince officers to not go ahead with protests.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/02/2016 00:00

Palma’s Green Patrol police unit to be broken up


Palma’s Green Patrol police unit to be broken up

Following the most recent scandals arising from the activities of some members of this unit, it is to be replaced by a new unit with greater control and supervision.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/11/2015 00:00

One of the four other police officers implicated arrives at court.


Detention without bail for five Palma police officers

Palma town hall announced today that the councillor for citizen security is going to assume some of the force’s responsibilities.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/10/2015 00:00


Nine serving Palma local police officers arrested

Investigators were made aware of a number of leaks in the force, so they mounted the operation a day early.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/10/2015 00:00