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Waiter in Menorca

Majorca tourism

Outgoing Balearic tourism minister hits back at his critics

"When they say that they prefer less intervention, what they mean is that they prefer lower salaries and more temporary contracts."

Andrew Ede02/06/2023 15:37

Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

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Pollensa - almost 1,000 more holiday rentals than anywhere else in Mallorca

Just under a quarter of all dwellings are holiday rentals; the town hall says there are no issues access to housing.

Andrew Ede07/04/2023 08:57

Holidaymakers arriving at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Tourism in Mallorca "should not keep growing"

Spain's secretary-of-state for tourism reiterates a Balearic strategy to diversify beyond sun and beach.

Andrew Ede02/04/2023 07:56

Against tourist lets in Palma, Mallorca

Against tourist lets in Palma, Mallorca

Holiday apartment lets are banned in Palma, but this hasn't stopped them being advertised.

Patricia Lozano 31/03/2023

Complaint about noise at a holiday rental property

Complaint about noise at a holiday rental property

"No noise" - a holiday rental property in Ibiza.

Archive 30/03/2023

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Tourism inspectors posing as illegal holiday let clients

For now, the tactic will be specific to Palma, where there is a ban on all apartments being let as tourist accommodation.

Andrew Ede29/03/2023 07:51

Mirador in Deya, Mallorca

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"In Madrid they think everyone on the islands is on holiday"

Canary Islands politician Pedro Quevedo applauds Balearic policy to limit holiday rentals and tourist accommodation places.

Andrew Ede15/03/2023 09:03