Etiqueta 'Birdwatching in Mallorca'
Bee Eater

Wild Mallorca

Wild Mallorca: Merops has returned

Bee Eaters are gregarious, nesting colonially in sandy banks, preferably near to river shores, but not always.

Neville James-Davies19/04/2022 14:13

Barn Owl Chicks Thrive


The Owl and the Tortoise

This week in Wild Mallorca: Were you aware that a species of tortoise can be found on Mallorca?

Neville James-Davies29/03/2022 10:34

Little Ringed Plover & White Wagtail Bird - Wildlife Video


Yellows, strawberry red and pale whites

The spring equinox will soon be upon us, and soon, nature will be revelling in the warmer weather...

Neville James-Davies22/03/2022 10:37

Common snipe. Singing bird


Snipe, orange and Friar’s

Very soon butterflies will be on the wing and the plants will be emerging to start bringing a splash of colour to the landscape...

Neville James-Davies01/03/2022 12:04

Jackdaws bathing


Corvids and Russulas

There have been a few sightings of Jackdaws from the south recently. A rare vagrant on the island.

Neville James-Davies15/02/2022 11:05




Stephen / Daryl Resting



Crosswise and the shatterer!

With a lot of patience, you may be rewarded with seeing these characteristic birds.

Neville James-Davies16/11/2021 12:08