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Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez' Socialists have more options to form a government.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez' Socialists have more options to form a government.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez' Socialists have more options to form a government.

Rodrigo Jiménez 23/07/2023

Balearic parliament


National political tensions will not affect the Balearics

The president stressed that she is not worried about the stability of the Balearic government.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/09/2019 11:21

The leaders of the PP, Podemos, C's and PSOE - Mariano Rajoy, Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera and Pedro Sánchez - casting their votes today.


PP gain in Spain, no change in the Balearics

In the Balearics, President Armengol of PSOE will feel she has kept a grip on the pact with Més and Podemos that would have been undermined had PSOE come third.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/06/2016 00:00

From the left: Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez, Albert Rivera and Pablo Iglesias.


Spain's party leaders clash over corruption

The candidates for prime minister from the four leading parties took part in a live television debate on Monday evening.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/06/2016 00:00

Pablo Iglesias, the national leader of Podemos, the day after the election.

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Monitor27/12/2015 00:00

Mariano Rajoy hails supporters at PP HQ in Madrid after an election that raised much uncertainty.

Election 20D

Spain enters political unknown as tough coalition talks beckon

The country faces weeks of uncertainty that cast doubt on the durability of its flagship economic reforms and unnerved financial markets.

Adrian Croft and Julien Toyer21/12/2015 00:00

A successful election for the PP's Mateo Isern, but his party lost a great deal of support.

Election 20D

Podemos becomes the second political force in the Balearics

PSOE, which had been the second force in terms of percentage of the vote, saw its position slip to third behind Podemos. Its worst performance ever in the Balearics.

Andrew Ede21/12/2015 00:00

Patience ran out, so Chapi was no happy chappy.

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Catalan stalemate

“It was a stalemate in the Catalan poll; no overall winner and no overall loser”

Jason Moore28/09/2015 00:00

Julio Iglesias in Mexico, celebrating his 72nd birthday.


Catalonia: Stick with Spain, says minister, as does Julio Iglesias

Pro-independence politicians, the singer said, should "understand a little more that they can reach a much better agreement with the national government".

24/09/2015 00:00

Catalan leader Artur Mas: wants independence.


Catalan independence would mean exit from the euro zone, says Bank of Spain chief

Uncertainties and tensions over the election are affecting Catalan and other Spanish banks.

22/09/2015 00:00

PM Rajoy says they will battle to the end


PM Rajoy says they will battle to the end

Catalonia holds regional elections on September 27 in which separatists are trying to win a majority of representatives in parliament to push their independence drive forward.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/09/2015 00:00