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The Mallorca Solutions team


Visa España: Navigating the paper trail

Meet Becky and Keri, from Mallorca Solutions where a team of eight now based in Son Bugadelles assist people through the bureaucracy involved in applications for NIE numbers, residency, driving licenses etc.

Vicki McLeod13/03/2023 15:37

The Mallorca Solutions team

The Mallorca Solutions team

The Mallorca Solutions team.

Vicki McLeod - Phoenix Media 23/02/2023

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Come on down, Nomad visa is now available

Since Brexit the number of Britons moving to Spain has fallen and the Spanish government hopes that the Nomad visa will help reverse this state of affairs.

Jason Moore07/02/2023 15:06

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Start packing your cases...all you need to know about the Nomad Visa and a new life in the sun!

Regarding the language requirement, it has been highlighted that applicants are not required to learn the language to be able to obtain a visa.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/01/2023 15:02

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Spain wants talented Britons

"Perhaps one of the greatest wastes of Brexit was for Europe to lose a part of its (British) talent.”

Jason Moore03/12/2022 10:35

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Hundreds of enquires about Spain's new Nomad visa

The new law also introduces a digital nomad visa, which will permit the visa holder to stay in Spain for up to five years.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/11/2022 16:10