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Playa dels Capellans, Majorca.


Good Morning from Majorca

It's warm and sunny across Majorca today with light-moderate winds in some places. To view the weather across the island in real time from our webcams, click here.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

New service for kids with Covid-19


New service for kids with Covid-19

The KID COVID pilot scheme will care for schoolchildren who need to have a PCR test.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Yolanda Díaz, Labour Minister.


ERTE extension to be approved on Tuesday

The Government will approve the extension of the conditions of the ERTE of force majeure with or without social agreement.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Disinfecting streets in Soller.


Covid-19 cases decrease in 19 municipalities

Covid-19 infections have decreased in 19 Municipalities in Majorca, increased in 16 and remained static in 17.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Stop Okupa Baleares in recovered squat, Palma.


Squat buster doing a roaring trade

All of the members of Stop Okupa Balears are from the Private Security Sector, Access Controls, Nightclub Bouncers and Gyms.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

QE2, Palma.


QE2 waiter shares his memories

Antonio Oliver, aka Mavi, worked as a waiter on the QE2 from 1976 until 1990.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mallorca intensive care unit

Coronavirus news

Balearics coronavirus figures for Tuesday

The positive test rate for coronavirus has fallen to 3.39%.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Government hails historic agreement for 'fijo discontinuo' workers

There is to be an extraordinary benefit for employees with fijo discontinuo contracts.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Baleària ferry line


Baleària pet-friendly cabins for all ferries

Baleària has adapted cabins to accommodate pets.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Jorge Campos, Vox


Balearic parliament clash over migrants

Jorge Campos of Vox maintained that "slave mafias are operating in the Balearics".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

News / Comment


The Digital Illusion

Calvia town hall's emergency plan for the municipality's retailers is to apparently include a means by which businesses will be able to sell online.

Andrew Ede



“Spanish politicians, are not popular to say the least just look at social media!”

Jason Moore

Pep the donkey at La Trapa.

The Blog

The fires in the soul of Majorca

The story of Pep was one that emerged during and after the great fire in the Tramuntana seven summers ago.

Andrew Ede

China Town, London.

Did You Know?

Words and more…

In the early 18th century, London’s Bow Street was referred to as ‘China Street’ because of its proximity to Covent Garden.

Andrew Valente

Palma City council were to introduce a 30kph speed limit on many of its city roads.

Frank Confidential

Staying at home this Christmas? Unseasonal fires and Palma speed limits!

Palma City council were to introduce a 30kph speed limit on many of its city roads.

Frank Leavers

Holiday / Lifestyle

Pet - Bulletin (Fur, Feathers and more)

Meet our pet of the week - Percy

Big thank you to every one sending in pictures and stories, keep them coming, each and every one will feature in the coming weeks..

Caroline Fuller

Landscaping their garden

Looking forward

Just a thought – Is ‘good’ good enough?

I believe that now is the right time to reclaim the word ‘good’.

Margaret Morris

The art of writing

Notes from the classroom

The art of writing – A dying skill?

Even though some see the rise of digital media as the death of writing, the Internet actually makes unprecedented use of text, we write a lot!

Julie Holdsworth

Bacalao (salt cod) was one of the most common poverty foods until about 60 years ago.

Food for Thought

Fine eating on a low budget

It is a statistical fact that as a nation becomes more prosperous the sales of bread take a dramatic plunge.

Andrew Valente

Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War.

El Blog de Amanda

Politics is the science of good sense

El blog de Amanda in less than a year has won the second international prize LOVE ENGLISH AWARDS for the best blog for learning English of the year 2014. Amanda has followers from all around the world and is also the creator of the well-known documentary “MAJORCA IS NOT MAGALLUF!”, which has just been awarded a prize as #BestBalearicFilmmaker at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Amanda Jeffrey

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