Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Foreign immigration keeps Balearic population growing

The Balearics is one of only a few Spanish regions that registered population growth in 2021.

Andrew Ede 22/06/2022 08:51


Cristiano Ronaldo promises to pay for all damage caused by Bugatti accident

A "very polite man and woman" told the property owner to keep the bills.

Andrew Ede 22/06/2022 07:22

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Summer "advancing" five days every decade in Mallorca

The Balearics have registered the first ever heat wave in astronomical spring.

Andrew Ede 21/06/2022 16:55

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Students injured in Palma concert crush

Around 4,000 people were attempting to leave through what is said to have been just one partially open gate.

Andrew Ede 21/06/2022 12:59


"Sabotage" of boats closes Puerto Pollensa beach

The town hall suspects that this was to do with a dispute over unauthorised moorings.

Andrew Ede 21/06/2022 08:07


Palma's Night of Fire is back

250 demons will take part in the fire-run on Thursday night.

Andrew Ede 20/06/2022 13:07

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"Historic" election win for the PP in Andalusia rocks Spain's left

Andalusia's move to the right has been confirmed in stunning fashion.

Andrew Ede 20/06/2022 08:04

Majorca tourism

Tourist tax revenue to again be used for "original purposes"

Tourist tax revenue has been diverted to other uses because of the pandemic.

Andrew Ede 20/06/2022 06:57

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Prison for eight arrested in Arenal drugs operation

Dubbed Operation Container, as drugs were being stored in rubbish containers.

Andrew Ede 19/06/2022 13:37

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Call centre to filter Mallorca health centre appointments

Experience during the pandemic has guided improvements to the appointments' system.

Andrew Ede 19/06/2022 12:40

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Motorhome owners demanding authorised camping areas

Escorca town hall has a plan for a motorhome area near Lluc Sanctuary.

Andrew Ede 19/06/2022 08:34

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Pickpocketing in Mallorca - "I have to work, I have to eat something"

Twelve of the seventeen pickpockets arrested last week had previous convictions.

Andrew Ede 19/06/2022 07:51