Andrew Ede
Andrew Ede

Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Fewer cars on Palma's roads than before the pandemic

But the people of Palma "do not perceive that the city's traffic is any less saturated".

Andrew Ede 30/03/2024 08:17

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100,000-euro Mercedes and jewellery stolen in Puerto Andratx

The police are linking two Puerto Andratx break-ins on Friday.

Andrew Ede 30/03/2024 07:22

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Saturday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, 30 March.

Andrew Ede 29/03/2024 17:02

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The stressed housing areas of northern Mallorca

What do Alcudia, Buger, Campanet, Pollensa and Sa Pobla have in common?

Andrew Ede 29/03/2024 15:55

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Beachfront hotels and homes could be expropriated because of rising sea level

The Spanish government is understood to be drafting amendment to coastal regulations.

Andrew Ede 29/03/2024 08:37

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Good Friday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Friday, 29 March.

Andrew Ede 28/03/2024 17:16


Spain's "stupid" minister and tourist nonsense

A nationwide tourist tax; ceilings on numbers of tourists in all destinations. How have these been missed?

Andrew Ede 28/03/2024 14:11


Airline incentive to avoid delays at Palma Airport

A consequence of the lengthy queues at security at peak times.

Andrew Ede 28/03/2024 09:25

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The fear of Hells Angels in Playa de Palma

"The Hells Angels want to rule the entire area. I get the feeling that this is all going to get worse."

Andrew Ede 28/03/2024 07:44


Mallorca events: What's On from Friday to Thursday

Get ready for Easter weekend as there are plenty of cultural and relgious events taking place across the island.

Andrew Ede 28/03/2024 00:01

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Thursday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Thursday, 28 March.

Andrew Ede 27/03/2024 19:03

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Mallorca restaurant concerns about lack of Easter bookings

The hoteliers federation says there is no evidence of cancellations because of the weather.

Andrew Ede 27/03/2024 17:28


The Easter penitents of the Blood of Christ

There are 33 brotherhoods. They depart at 7pm, so the 2023 procession had taken a whole nine hours to wend its way along the route.

Andrew Ede 27/03/2024 13:28

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A Mediterranean seaplane centre planned for Puerto Pollensa

A maintenance and training centre with specialised engineering and R&D.

Andrew Ede 27/03/2024 08:02

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Hells Angels' extortion in Playa de Palma

The owner of a well-known restaurant was beaten up; payment of 10,000 euros had been demanded.

Andrew Ede 27/03/2024 07:23