Andrew Ede
Andrew Ede

Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Missing Magalluf girl - witness lied to try and claim reward

The Guardia Civil were told that Malén was "in a well on a golf course".

Andrew Ede 15/03/2023 08:21

Majorca tourism

Tourism season facing new uncertainty from the banking crisis

Increased risk of recession could negatively impact tourism and economic growth forecasts.

Andrew Ede 15/03/2023 07:40

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Another part of Palma's sixteenth-century wall is revealed

Work in Plaça Espanya has exposed part of the wall, just like the sinkhole did.

Andrew Ede 14/03/2023 16:22

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Rafa Nadal's uncle joins main opposition party foundation

Toni Nadal stresses that he is not making "a leap into politics".

Andrew Ede 14/03/2023 09:30

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Property sector looking for solutions to Mallorca's housing problems

The lack of subsidised social housing, legal uncertainty, regulatory limitations - issues that need to be addressed.

Andrew Ede 14/03/2023 07:41


Then we take Berlin ...

Something else that Mallorca knows, and quite obviously, is that that this market stays put once it’s on holiday - stays put in Mallorca, that is

Andrew Ede 13/03/2023 16:25


Now thoughts turn to the beach

This week: 2,300 new sunloungers have been bought for when the season starts on May 1st in Alcudia, a music festival in Santa Margalida and the rail extension to Alcudia from Sa Pobla could be back on the table.

Andrew Ede 13/03/2023 12:53

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Balearic workers in demand in European countries

Workers from the islands enjoy a good reputation abroad, especially those from the service sector.

Andrew Ede 12/03/2023 13:01

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60,000 euros aid for Andratx first-time buyers

Said to be an "initial" sum of aid to benefit existing Andratx residents.

Andrew Ede 12/03/2023 11:53

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Missing Magalluf girl - 300 vehicles said to hold the key

Investigators believe that Malén willingly got into a vehicle belonging to someone she knew.

Andrew Ede 12/03/2023 08:38

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Not enough time to issue new taxi licences for the tourism season

The government hopes that seasonal licences will address the taxi shortage; the associations say that it's too late.

Andrew Ede 12/03/2023 07:24

Latest news

Flocking to the beaches as Mallorca registers record high temperatures for March

Friday into Saturday was a "tropical" night in parts of Mallorca; the temperature didn't drop below 20C.

Andrew Ede 11/03/2023 17:42

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The "new" Parc de la Mar in Palma

A "more sustainable and more inclusive" Parc de la Mar.

Andrew Ede 11/03/2023 17:11

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Political pressure continuing for limits to non-resident home buying in Mallorca

"The housing market in the Balearics no longer obeys the interests of the citizens who reside here."

Andrew Ede 11/03/2023 15:47


Rafa Nadal gives approval for his statue in Manacor

Procedures will start to select the artist to make the statue.

Andrew Ede 11/03/2023 09:41

Majorca tourism

British tourists in Mallorca "under attack" - No they are not

Mallorca "sells" for the British redtops; and they know it does.

Andrew Ede 11/03/2023 08:14