Andrew Ede
Andrew Ede

Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Kicked out of Son Gotleu, Algerians take refuge in Arenal

Police feared that the problematic young Algerian men would just move elsewhere.

Andrew Ede 05/06/2024 10:23

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People of the Balearics have far greater difficulty in buying a house than elsewhere in Spain

The 'effort' needed to buy a house is twice as high as in Madrid, which has the second highest effort index.

Andrew Ede 05/06/2024 07:24

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Wednesday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Wednesday, the fifth of June.

Andrew Ede 04/06/2024 15:35

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While Mallorca can expect 34C this week, the health ministry is launching a new heat alert plan

Until now there has been one high temperature reference for Mallorca - the airport's.

Andrew Ede 04/06/2024 08:03

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Citizens to have their say about Mallorca's tourist overcrowding

A website is to be launched for residents to contribute to the sustainability debate.

Andrew Ede 04/06/2024 06:44

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Tuesday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Tuesday, the fourth of June.

Andrew Ede 03/06/2024 19:00

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Balearics - one of the regions with the highest increase in squatting

Fuera Okupas, a company which acts as an intermediary to convince squatters to leave properties.

Andrew Ede 02/06/2024 12:20

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Fourteen people charged following Palma police operation against illegal street selling

Charges for offences against intellectual and industrial property - the sale of counterfeit goods.

Andrew Ede 02/06/2024 09:35


Palma selected for drone plane test flights

The test flights for a cargo drone are scheduled for November 2025.

Andrew Ede 02/06/2024 08:55

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Sunday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Sunday, the second of June.

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 18:49


Protest? What protest?

What was this really, as the impetus appeared to have come from ill-chosen words by a Vox member of the Balearic parliament.

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 17:47

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Tragedy and tourist overcrowding: Mallorca news round-up

Some of the stories to have been in the news in recent days.

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 14:24

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Formentor - on and on it goes, but at least there are sunloungers

One senses a touch of Pollensa town hall weariness with the whole Formentor saga; just like everyone else.

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 13:59

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Magalluf red zone of tourism of excesses cut by 90%

The town hall administration (PP and Vox) says it is "committed to positioning Magalluf as a safe and quality tourist destination".

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 09:22

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June tourist 'saturation' and Spanish students

The students represent only a small fraction of overall tourist numbers, but they also represent a major headache.

Andrew Ede 01/06/2024 07:53