News of the day 21 August 2022
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Employee at an Italian restaurant in Palma, Mallorca

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Italy the main provider of foreign workers in the Balearics

There are getting on for three times as many Italian workers as there are British.

Andrew Ede

A carriage horse in Alcudia, Mallorca that bolted after being startled

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Alcudia determined to end horse carriages

The town hall is willing to pay compensation and withdraw licences.

Andrew Ede

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Environmentalists call for access control of Palma tourists

When Palma is overwhelmed, the rest of Mallorca is affected.

Andrew Ede

Guardia Civil with a migrant boat

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Mallorca migrants are not all Algerian

The Red Cross carry out health checks and provide humanitarian aid.

Andrew Ede

Llucmajor to Porreres road in Mallorca

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Llucmajor residents denouncing illegal motorbike races

Bikers are said to be coming from the mainland to take part.

Andrew Ede

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Close up of people using mobile smart phones - Detail of friends sharing photos on social media network with smartphone - Technology concept and cellphone culture with selective focus on right hand


The good old days

I lived during an era when none of us habitually used mobiles or computers and we didn’t have ‘trigger warnings’ on literature...

Anna Nicholas


WhatsApp? It’s The Pinging That Gets To You In The End!

"Happily and rather surprisingly for me, I have discovered (by accident) how to mute the constant pinging..."

Frank Leavers

Holiday / Lifestyle


See Mallorca: A Day out to Son Mico

A stop known and loved by thousands of walkers every year.

Shirley Roberts


All that glitters is not gold - a guide to sneaky greenwashing tactics

Greenwashing refers to purposeful, misleading actions that companies take in order to present a cleaner image with regards to their environmental footprint.

Save The Med

Nit de l'Art in Sóller.


All Things Soller: Time to party!

Events happen daily from Saturday 20 to Saturday 27 August when a glorious Band Festival and a Nit of Art brings events to a close.

Shirley Roberts

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Finding Strength in the Cloud of Hardships

We face hardships on a daily basis ranging from the family unit to international level.

Rev'd. Canon Dr I. S. Gusha

Food and drink / Food and drink

Food and drink

Hotdog ensaimada bun was a huge hit

I enjoyed eating in the interior patio with its lush greenery and got a great kick out of seeing a sparrow and a blackbird land for a quick hop around.

Andrew Valente

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