Jason Moore
Jason Moore


Managing Editor

Jason Moore joined the Bulletin straight from school as a junior reporter after being educated at international schools on the island in 1988. As a news reporter he worked closely with our Spanish stablemate Última Hora and was sent on numerous foreign assignments including Boston and London. He became Deputy Editor in 1996 and Editor in 1997. In 2018 he was appointed Managing editor with the additional responsibility of sales and advertising. In 2022 he oversaw the transformation of the Bulletin into an online publication and the launch of the new Mallorca Bulletin. Born in Cambridge in 1970, he moved to Mallorca aged 5 and was educated at Bellver International College and Kings College. In 2012 he received a special award from the Calvia Council on the Bulletin’s 50th anniversary. He has written articles for most of the leading UK newspapers and has often worked as a pundit on British and Spanish television and radio programmes.

Latest headlines

West targets Russian owned super yachts, local authorities appeal for information

"The legislation will apply to Russian-flagged, owned, registered, controlled, chartered or operated vessels, and would include private yachts."

Jason Moore 02/03/2022 11:04


Comment: Ukraine

“There is concern of a major rise in the price of fuel which will hit the industry”

Jason Moore 02/03/2022 10:20


Comment: Well spotted! Carry On...

“Amazing how MI6 spotted 120,000 Russian troops at the border...”

Jason Moore 28/02/2022 10:00


Comment: Waiting for nothing

Remember those words from Saigon: no-one is coming to get you.

Jason Moore 26/02/2022 09:27


Comment: Ukraine fall-out

“The western world should have been speaking with a single voice...”

Jason Moore 25/02/2022 10:31


Comment: Retail woes

“Just when retailers thought there was light at the end of the tunnel...”

Jason Moore 23/02/2022 10:00


Comment: Best defence

“Britain can´t continue to expect miracles from its military...”

Jason Moore 22/02/2022 10:06

Majorca tourism

Comment: Learn from experience

“Remember when the holiday resorts were half empty?...”

Jason Moore 21/02/2022 10:10

Latest headlines

The Sunday Interview: The spy chief who helped sink the Spanish Armada

Jason Moore talks to Dr Timothy Ashby about his new book which shows that English spies and black ops were active “even in the times” of the Spanish Armada.

Jason Moore 20/02/2022 13:00


Comment: Tourism plan

“It might have been better if the Balearic government had waited on their plan....”

Jason Moore 19/02/2022 10:24

Majorca tourism

Comment: Own goal

“Spain scored an own goal the vaccine requirement for teenagers...”

Jason Moore 18/02/2022 10:12


Comment: A week of good news (finally)

“It was a week of good news. The face mask was scrapped and the government raised the minimum wage...”

Jason Moore 14/02/2022 09:51


Magalluf: new rules could mean you will drink less than at a Downing Street party!

If you go to a Magalluf hotel you can expect to drink less than a Downing Street party (only joking) but your suitcase could come in handy (wink, wink, say no more!) but make sure it has wheels, Palmanova is quite a walk away!!!

Jason Moore 14/02/2022 09:00