Shirley Roberts
Shirley Roberts

'Soller Shirley' Facebook page started fifteen years ago. The daily ramblings on events and life in the Soller Valley continues to this day. ‘Spotlight on Soller’ is a weekly page in the Mallorca Bulletin and has been for over 10 years. I Immersed myself in the Soller world I left London for. Every day I learn something new and tell the tale. I was part of three generational move to the Soller Valley and have had the joy of watching my grandchildren grow on this wonderful island. A previous life in journalism for the Times Newspaper, General Manager of a London Hotel and the creator of a start-up company, in North London (eventually sold to a PLC) sums up my life. I am now back where I started, writing stories every day and looking after, Humans of Mallorca and Nan’s Day’s Out. I just love to tell a tale…


Humans of Mallorca – The desire to belong…

When you arrive in Soller, take the time to understand these unwritten rules.

Shirley Roberts 17/02/2022 12:43


Anniversary number two coming up

The Holiday planning this year is second to none as everyone wants to squeeze the best out of every day they are with us.

Shirley Roberts 15/02/2022 10:08


Humans of Mallorca wake up to a whole new community…

Today, as 2022 begins, what is the evolution of Ex Pat arrivals in Mallorca?

Shirley Roberts 10/02/2022 10:36


Life is but a Film Set in the Soller Valley

Dame Judi was filming in Mallorca last year and did a little sightseeing when she wasn’t filming.

Shirley Roberts 08/02/2022 10:26


Humans of Mallorca – just looking to live

Humans of Majorca are a complex bundle of those who have plenty and those who do not have enough.

Shirley Roberts 03/02/2022 10:46


Here come all the words in the Soller Valley…

How do the inhabitants of the Sóller valley cope with the problems that recur every year?

Shirley Roberts 01/02/2022 10:44


Nan’s Day Out and ‘just turn right’…

Have you ever wondered where you arrive when you just turn right?

Shirley Roberts 27/01/2022 11:07


‘I’m only Human – after all’

Find out how the inhabitants of the Sóller valley are preparing to welcome you all!

Shirley Roberts 25/01/2022 10:37


Nan’s Day Out for a blossom hunt along the 221

"We are not having the fastest walk in the world but it is always very beautiful."

Shirley Roberts 20/01/2022 10:07


Embrace the change and respect the past

How is Soller keeping up with the changing times? What's their secret?

Shirley Roberts 18/01/2022 10:53


The very real problems of the Humans of Majorca in 2022

What is the hard reality that young people in Mallorca have to face?

Shirley Roberts 13/01/2022 10:26


The New Year begins

What expectations do the inhabitants of the Soller valley have for 2022?

Shirley Roberts 11/01/2022 10:10


Nan’s Day Out to the Oratori

Find out why the Oratori made a lovely first ‘Nan’s Day Out’ of 2022.

Shirley Roberts 06/01/2022 10:25


A Christmas and New Year to remember

Memories come in all shapes and sizes and this festive season will be remembered.

Shirley Roberts 04/01/2022 10:44


A review of the Humans of Majorca in our world in 2021

As the year changes what is actually going to happen in 2022?

Shirley Roberts 30/12/2021 10:32


Welcome to the twilight zone...

The New Year hastens on and this is the last Spotlight on Soller for 2021...

Shirley Roberts 28/12/2021 10:00


Some of the Humans of Mallorca of 2021

One significant fact I learnt early on in this ‘Social History’ snapshot is that people arrive in Mallorca ready-made.

Shirley Roberts 23/12/2021 11:46


Counting down now in Soller

This week in Spotlight on Soller: Covid Christmas, new rules for Xmas, future is looking bright and the Christmas lottery.

Shirley Roberts 21/12/2021 11:03


Human of Mallorca: Things I miss...

2022 is a very exciting time for new arrivals in our world.

Shirley Roberts 16/12/2021 11:00


Rolling with the punches and swimming with the tide

"We are all looking forward to a quieter week next week..."

Shirley Roberts 14/12/2021 10:06