Shirley Roberts
Shirley Roberts

'Soller Shirley' Facebook page started fifteen years ago. The daily ramblings on events and life in the Soller Valley continues to this day. ‘Spotlight on Soller’ is a weekly page in the Mallorca Bulletin and has been for over 10 years. I Immersed myself in the Soller world I left London for. Every day I learn something new and tell the tale. I was part of three generational move to the Soller Valley and have had the joy of watching my grandchildren grow on this wonderful island. A previous life in journalism for the Times Newspaper, General Manager of a London Hotel and the creator of a start-up company, in North London (eventually sold to a PLC) sums up my life. I am now back where I started, writing stories every day and looking after, Humans of Mallorca and Nan’s Day’s Out. I just love to tell a tale…


Summer in Soller: Embracing traditions and tackling change

The Fiesta of San Juan, the summer solstice, is next in the calendar of annual events.

Shirley Roberts 20/05/2024 12:19


Soller 'Firó' takes centre stage

The weather forecast is good and a sign of a good Firo.

Shirley Roberts 09/05/2024 13:34


Unveiling the tapestry of Soller Valley's ever-changing landscape

In 2024 we have friends arriving in the Soller Valley for a season. They are the internet nomads and spend their working time thinking other countries problems and solutions.

Shirley Roberts 06/05/2024 10:09


Enjoy a visit to the Soller Valley churches

May is a great time for looking at museums and places of interest before it gets too hot.

Shirley Roberts 29/04/2024 10:39


The countdown to Es Firo in Soller

8500 places are reserved for the final battle on that date, and you need an identity bracelet to attend.

Shirley Roberts 22/04/2024 15:23


Insights from Soller Valley

This weekend is Soller’s Orange fair.

Shirley Roberts 12/04/2024 15:46


Reflections of Soller: Summer's arrival, parking predicaments, and the Orange Fair

A two-week holiday for many, over the ‘early’ Easter, has come to an end and they return to school and work.

Shirley Roberts 05/04/2024 15:49


Easter in Soller: Tradition, tidings, and tasteful delights

In preparation for the returners at Easter the workforce has been busy tidying and finishing projects.

Shirley Roberts 29/03/2024 12:20


The villages on our doorstep

The isolated Soller Valley life is changing, and a new page is being written.

Shirley Roberts 19/03/2024 11:43


Change comes to Soller Valley

Currently the window to watch is ‘take away’ food. New ideas and concepts are springing up all over Mallorca and certainly in the Soller Valley...

Shirley Roberts 14/03/2024 15:37


Lost sunsets and digital memories in Soller

Everyone is too busy filming the occasion and recording it for social media or their own collection of pictures.

Shirley Roberts 19/02/2024 10:03


Discovering Bunyola: Gateway to scenic walks and historical charms

Many walkers don’t hire cars and use the bus to get to the starting points of good walking trails.

Shirley Roberts 12/02/2024 10:18


Soller valley buzz: What's happening this week!

Important roadworks are beginning this week on the mountain road linking Soller and Deya.

Shirley Roberts 05/02/2024 12:22


Beyond staycations and day trips in Soller

For 2024 we know of businesses in Barcelona who advertise ‘Day Trips to Soller. A 30-minute flight and then picked up and taken to the station in Palma for the Soller train.

Shirley Roberts 26/01/2024 12:54


Bittersweet realities and renewal: Updates from Soller Valley

Just one more week of the Soller Tram being out of service for annual repairs to the track. It will be back on 22nd January 2024.

Shirley Roberts 19/01/2024 14:37


Winter trends in Soller

Soller is one of the few resorts on the island with a 10-month season

Shirley Roberts 15/01/2024 11:37


Bonfires, barbecues, and beyond: Soller's January extravaganza

This is an extremely busy time of year for celebrations and observances.

Shirley Roberts 08/01/2024 09:03


Countdown to 2024: Weddings, celebrities, and new beginnings in the Soller Valley

New Year’s Eve starts with Sant Silvestre Fun Run from the Marina Tramontana, in Puerto Soller at 4 pm.

Shirley Roberts 29/12/2023 12:24