Shirley Roberts
Shirley Roberts

'Soller Shirley' Facebook page started fifteen years ago. The daily ramblings on events and life in the Soller Valley continues to this day. ‘Spotlight on Soller’ is a weekly page in the Mallorca Bulletin and has been for over 10 years. I Immersed myself in the Soller world I left London for. Every day I learn something new and tell the tale. I was part of three generational move to the Soller Valley and have had the joy of watching my grandchildren grow on this wonderful island. A previous life in journalism for the Times Newspaper, General Manager of a London Hotel and the creator of a start-up company, in North London (eventually sold to a PLC) sums up my life. I am now back where I started, writing stories every day and looking after, Humans of Mallorca and Nan’s Day’s Out. I just love to tell a tale…


Can't afford to holiday in Soller Valley anymore

This year everything came under their scrutiny from self-catering apartments to luxury villas.

Shirley Roberts 20/02/2023 14:30


'Things that matter' in Soller

'Things that matter’ as February 2023 starts have been exercising me this week.

Shirley Roberts 13/02/2023 15:04


A Day in the Life of ‘Sollerweb’

‘Soller Shirley’ started as a Facebook Page to tell people of events. Sollerweb emerged from a collaboration with Tracey Ivell, super web designer.

Shirley Roberts 08/02/2023 11:13


See Mallorca: A day out to the Crystal Church

To gain entry to the Church when it is not open for services, or one of the many weddings of the year, is via the Museum entrance to the side of the building.

Shirley Roberts 31/01/2023 11:56


Life in the Soller Valley: another working week of 2023

The new restaurant owners of Sa Frontera (on the L’horta roundabout) have created a highly expectant vibe...

Shirley Roberts 17/01/2023 11:55


Soller: The New Year Statistics

Since the Soller Tunnel became free and the buses doubled their frequency many have moved here.

Shirley Roberts 07/01/2023 19:33


All things Soller: Tis the Season...

Sollerweb achieved its Food Bank collection target.

Shirley Roberts 23/12/2022 18:00


All Things Soller: December dawns...

Santa's helpers fly the Valley on Christmas Eve on their microlight machines.

Shirley Roberts 11/12/2022 21:00


A glorious week in Soller

The Soller Valley holds magic for many who emerge from the Soller Tunnel into the mountain light and discover our whole new world.

Shirley Roberts 23/10/2022 13:09


All things Soller: Fishing traditions

The prawn, the fish, the orange are all symbols of our Soller Valley world and we are sustained by them.

Shirley Roberts 27/09/2022 10:59


Humans of Mallorca have changed…

As one of the writers who wrote daily in the pandemic I continue to make my own personal observations of the changes unfolding in the Soller Valley.

Shirley Roberts 26/09/2022 02:24


All Things Soller: Changing of seasons

The past 20 years has seen an explosion in the schools in Mallorca available using the English language.

Shirley Roberts 12/09/2022 00:46


All things Soller: Our sunset world

The lighthouse above the Repic beach is a stunning location to see the sunset.

Shirley Roberts 06/09/2022 14:23


Benito, a ‘Human of Mallorca’ and a 'Man of the Sea'…

Benito knows every inch of the coastline and all the creatures who live in it.

Shirley Roberts 29/08/2022 19:47


All Things Soller: Moving from one season to the next...

This winter heralds the beginning of uncertainty with the cost of living crisis likely to impact tourists next year.

Shirley Roberts 29/08/2022 10:48


All Things Soller: Time to party!

Events happen daily from Saturday 20 to Saturday 27 August when a glorious Band Festival and a Nit of Art brings events to a close.

Shirley Roberts 21/08/2022 22:30


See Mallorca: A Day out to Son Mico

A stop known and loved by thousands of walkers every year.

Shirley Roberts 21/08/2022 17:49


Life was lived Mallorcan style, on the street

The villages of the Soller Valley have unwritten rules which identify the time and place where people hang out.

Shirley Roberts 13/08/2022 11:56


All things Soller: transport and communication

Vision planning is very important for the Town Hall as the countdown begins to next years’ elections.

Shirley Roberts 12/08/2022 11:32


All about Soller - Life on a small island with big aspirations…

The front page of the Travel section of the New York Times recently had an article about tourism to ‘small island’ Mallorca.

Shirley Roberts 02/08/2022 09:45