Humphrey Carter
Humphrey Carter


Deputy Editor

Oxford-born Humphrey Carter joined the Bulletin in 1994 as a photographer, having studied photography, film and psychology in the UK. After having travelled the world and worked in many fields, within months of joining the Bulletin he secured exclusive access to Australia’s most wanted man in Mallorca and ran with the story for the following ten years for the local and international media. He was made Deputy Editor in 1997 and has been sent on numerous overseas assignments - he fronted the multi-media coverage of Real Mallorca’s European football campaign. His work has been featured on the front pages of newspapers and magazines around the world and is a regular commentator for leading international media outlets, in particular television and radio.


Holiday in Mallorca to avoid new airport strikes

17 airports are set to be affected but not Palma, Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter 24/02/2023 13:11


Shouting Britons

In this day and age of smart phone technology, why do Brits have to shout to try and get understood?

Humphrey Carter 24/02/2023 10:31

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Conor McGregor Balearics lawsuit dropped

“Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat.”

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2023 15:06


“There was a spiritual calling between us and Pollensa....”

"My job, is to be an agent of hope and faith and shine a light of happiness on peoples’ lives."

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2023 12:06


Spain continues to put the brakes on UK driving licence deal

“Under the UK-Spain agreement, you will be able to drive again very shortly..."

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2023 11:33


Balearics braced for 11 million hotel guests this season

Palma and Calvia are among the top five favourite holiday destinations in Spain.

Humphrey Carter 22/02/2023 16:11

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Mallorca told to get on its bike

Palma's public bicycle system has been expanded.

Humphrey Carter 21/02/2023 12:58

Real Mallorca

Mallorca football star gives South Korea a taste of Mallorca

A number of Premier League clubs continue to sniff around Real Mallorca’s South Korean star Kang In Lee.

Humphrey Carter 21/02/2023 12:04

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Mallorcan political party determined to ban Balearic foreign property sales

Balearics to have more of a say of what happens in the region and not Madrid.

Humphrey Carter 20/02/2023 14:59

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New lease of life for Mallorca’s great white elephant

GESA building will finally be restored and renovated and become a Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art.

Humphrey Carter 20/02/2023 13:02

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Nadal and Ronaldo’s new business in the Middle East

Nadal has been able to diversify his investments in order to have a powerful business portfolio.

Humphrey Carter 17/02/2023 15:55


Young British TikTok star promoting the best of Mallorca

‘Man spent less than £15 on flying to Mallorca and paying for full English breakfast’.

Humphrey Carter 17/02/2023 15:18