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US special representative


United States not on EU's 'safe' travel list, diplomats say

United States, Russia, Brazil not included in the safe travel list.

Reuters30/06/2020 11:52


Baldrick’s Brexit plan

Surely any sensible government would have pushed for an extension.

Humphrey Carter12/06/2020 18:14


The long wait

“The Germans are starting to arrive on Monday the British will have to wait...”

Jason Moore09/06/2020 18:19


Didn’t he do well...?

He gave Europe a going over, even upset Brussels but the Spanish PM is in the money.

Humphrey Carter29/05/2020 17:50


The taxing question

Sooner or later it had be addressed, does Spain raise taxes to save the economy?

Humphrey Carter22/05/2020 18:19


The future of the EU

Spain’s deputy PM has warned the EU to either step up or risk extinction.

Humphrey Carter08/05/2020 17:34

A combination photo in Magalluf


EU governments risk clash with EU exec in bid to save tourism season

Customers must have the right to choose between a cash refund or accepting a voucher for a future package holiday.

Reuters28/04/2020 14:32

Donald Rumsfeld, former US defence secretary

My Column

What does the future hold?

The problem with speculating about the post-Covid world is that it may not be a matter of our shaping the future, but of being shaped by it.

Donald Trelford27/04/2020 09:49


Sorry, I should think so!

Ten days ago I took the EU to task over its failure to act as one to fight the virus, now it is sorry.

Humphrey Carter16/04/2020 18:12

People wearing protective face masks pray in front of the coffin of a person who died of coronavirus disease


Spain's coronavirus deaths pass 14,600, but real toll may be bigger

“There are no good numbers when it comes to deaths ... (but) we are now in the slowdown phase,” Health Minister Salvador Illa said.

Reuters08/04/2020 20:52


The non European Union

The European Union has shown itself to be a dysfunctional family.

Humphrey Carter07/04/2020 11:48

A Union flag flies at Europa Point in front of the Rock (rear), a monolithic limestone promontory


Spanish border logjam a bigger threat to Gibraltar finance than Brexit

After a post-Brexit transition period ends in December, Britain may get some direct access to EU financial markets under the bloc's 'equivalence' system.

Reuters11/02/2020 10:36


D-Day for Britain

“Spain is not going to put up barriers to its principal tourist market...”

Jason Moore31/01/2020 10:02


The end

“Britain is leaving the European Union and I doubt that anyone is surprised...”

Jason Moore30/01/2020 10:20


Europe backlash

“The whole affair with Catalonia has been blown open by the European Court.”

Jason Moore21/12/2019 09:07



“It does appear that at last we can all start moving forward again...”

Jason Moore14/12/2019 09:54


No deal

“The European Union is largely to blame for the no-deal scenario.”

Jason Moore09/10/2019 09:13


No deal

“Britain should not even consider leaving the European Union without a deal.

Jason Moore01/08/2019 13:11


European elections

“There is not much point Britain sending anti-European MEPs to Brussels...”

Jason Moore10/04/2019 09:54


Brexit mess

“Has the government made a complete mess of the Brexit process?”

Jason Moore07/12/2018 09:17