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Easy Like Sunday Morning... with Eggs Florentine!

Eggs have porous shells; so don't store them next to anything smelly, because they'll take it on board.

Marc Fosh14/11/2022 18:45

Fried egg.

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How to fry perfect egg

It’s essential that the white be solid and the part round the yolk has to be raised.

Andrew Valente10/08/2020 00:55

When we cook eggs by any method, the number one golden rule is: perfect freshness.

Food For Thought

Who said cooking eggs is easy peasy?

Of someone who isn’t a very good cook, we often say: “He can’t even fry an egg.” But it’s not at all easy to fry an egg properly and just as problematic to boil or scramble one.

Andrew Valente13/05/2020 04:01