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The Mayor of Valldemossa Nadal Torres.

The Mayor of Valldemossa Nadal Torres.

The Mayor of Valldemossa Nadal Torres.

Joan Llado 21/02/2024

The chiringuito at Colomer in Formentor.


Formentor bar reopens

Following the closure, the town hall forwarded documentation which shows that the bar is in compliance with planning regulations.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/08/2019 04:01

Minister Marc Pons and Vicenç Vidal with the mayor of Pollensa and councillors.


Puerto Pollensa bus station heads list of sustainable transport projects

The sustainable transport investment is in bus transport for serving natural areas and beaches.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/05/2017 00:00

Fornalutx, one of the municipalities benefiting from holiday rentals.

Holiday rentals

Holiday rentals generate 280 million euros in the Tramuntana

The revenue from cycling tourism is "very significant" on account of this type of tourism providing "quality".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter06/05/2017 00:00

Trees and rocks were scattered over the Coll de Soller road.


Road damage will cost over two million euros

The single most costly repair job (480,000 euros) is to a tunnel on the Andratx-Estellencs road.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/02/2017 00:00

The Guardia Civil helicopter involved in a Tramuntana mountain rescue.


Guardia Civil come to the aid of Tramuntana accident victims

Guardia Civil are advising climbers to take particular care at times of extreme weather conditions, especially when they're tackling ravines.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/02/2017 00:00

A member of the fire service observing the torrent in Soller, which is dangerously high.


Weather set to improve but flood risks being monitored

Two roads remain closed, there are flood concerns in Campos, Soller and by Albufera, but reservoir levels have increased dramatically.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/12/2016 00:00

Trafico is checking on illegal races in the Tramuntana.


Motorcyclists doing 160kph charged by Guardia Civil

Trafico and mayors of municipalities in the mountains have been concerned about illegal races which take place in the Tramuntana.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/12/2016 00:00

The number of black vultures in the Tramuntana has increased significantly since protected zones were declared in 2007.


Concern over effect of tourist pressure on Tramuntana wildlife

The number of people visiting the Tramuntana mountains could seriously affect biodiversity conservation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/11/2016 00:00

The Tramuntana coast in Pollensa.


Citizens' consultation for Tramuntana management has begun

Participants identify positive and negative aspects of the current situation regarding the Tramuntana and come up with proposals for improvement.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/11/2016 00:00

There are fears that removing exclusion zones in the Tramuntana will be environmentally harmful.


Environmental risks from walkers in Tramuntana exclusion zones

Under new legislation, walkers can now enter zones previously off-limits to the general public.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/10/2016 00:00

There was a storm in Palma today, but areas in the Tramuntana missed out.


How Tramuntana towns have been coping with the water shortage

Although the municipalities were not on the recent "drought alert" list, they have been experiencing problems.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/09/2016 00:00

A network of public walks of way to link all municipalities in the Tramuntana


A network of public walks of way to link all municipalities in the Tramuntana

The region has passed its latest Unesco investigation and therefore can now push forward with plans to promote the Tramuntana more

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/06/2016 00:00