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Any umbrellas?

Spotlight On Soller

The party returns to the Valley

Sollerics love a good party and have learnt to adapt in Covid times.

Shirley Roberts28/07/2020 15:08

Swimming pool


Two ‘Nan’s Days Out’ this week

Can Penasso is now renamed as La Meson and is the nearest the Soller Valley has got to a trendy Beach Club.

Shirley Roberts27/07/2020 15:31

Puerto Soller, Majorca.


Don't drop anchor on the Posidonia prairies!

Environmentalists are demanding tighter restrictions in the Bay of Soller to protect the ecosystem.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/07/2020 10:06

The Sun

Spotlight On Soller

The comings and Going in our world

The rationale behind all this is that in Soller Square the businesses pay the Town Hall for all space they occupy outside their premises.

Shirley Roberts21/07/2020 14:50

Dominic Cummings.

My Column


The antics of Cummings and his kind has rightfully enraged those who steadfastlyadhered to government guidelines even at the expense of never being able to say goodbyeto those they loved.

Anna Nicholas30/05/2020 02:24

A peak at the Puig.

Spotlight on Soller

Shifting Sands

The Port of Soller has a few cafes open but most gave up the struggle, the first couple of days of being open showed them the trend.

Shirley Roberts19/05/2020 23:43

It is the time of the Firo and normally the place is packed and celebrating.

Spotlight On Soller

Firo, Firo, Firo

Firo 2020 will never be forgotten and has been catalogued in so many social media ways.

Shirley Roberts12/05/2020 04:01

The long and winding road...

Spotlight On Soller

A New Dawn

This week the ‘Soup Kitchen’ of Soller opens and in the first instance will deliver meals to the needy for nothing.

Shirley Roberts05/05/2020 12:51

A misty Soller evening

News from your area

Valentines and Carnival

Soller is open for business and the Puerto Soller is buzzing.

Shirley Roberts18/02/2020 10:39

Views over Deya

Nan's Day Out

Nan’s Christmas Day Out

St John’s church is one of the most popular wedding venues in Majorca.

Shirley Roberts07/01/2020 14:09

Collapse of the Fornalutx road


Sóller to Fornalutx road has been reopened

Reconstruction work began a day later and has lasted for a just over two weeks.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/01/2020 10:23

Soller tram

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Spotlight on Soller

On November 20 2019 the proceeds from all Soller train journeys will be given to UNICEF.

Shirley Roberts19/11/2019 10:09

Soller Valley

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Spotlight on Soller

The Soller Valley has many establishments that are open all year but we really sense the change of direction as November arrives.

Shirley Roberts08/10/2019 10:13

Guardia Civil divers were called in


Trapped by jellyfish

There have been reports of large concentrations of jellyfish this year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/08/2019 12:34

Running in Greece


My column

Anna Nicholas’s latest Majorca title is A Chorus of Cockerels. Her first crime novel, The Devil’s Horn, will be published October 10. Follow her at

Anna Nicholas10/08/2019 10:12

Harvesting olives in Soller.


Massive fall in olive production

The production of table olives for the DO Olives de Mallorca has fallen by almost 98%.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/03/2019 19:42



Concern over Soller torrents

Residents believe that drastic action is needed. Two trees in a torrent fell down at the weekend.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/10/2018 14:05


Town halls

Soller having to adjust this year's "sustainable investments"

The town hall has made an error in the scheduling of its "stellar" project - restoring the old theatre.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/09/2018 14:25