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Tapénade is the famous Provençal classic


Black Olives - This year’s is a good one

The panssides olives are so delicious that many people eat them as a snack with nothing but sliced bread.

Andrew Valente23/02/2022 11:15



Green oil

The next time you see an old looking Olive tree, stop and look more closely...

Neville James-Davies01/12/2021 11:54

Olives are available all year round here in Mallorca along with the best olive oil


For the Love of Olive

The Caimari olive fair has previously been named by The Guardian as one of the top ten gastronomic festivals in Europe.

Peter Clover25/11/2021 11:10

Mallorca’s dark-skinned olives

Mallorca’s dark-skinned olives

Mallorca’s dark-skinned olives

mmaier 20/10/2021

Mallorca’s dark-skinned olives


Mallorca’s olives - The harvest is underway

What is your favourite type of olive? Our Bulletin food expert believes this year's crop will be a good one.

Andrew Valente20/10/2021 12:32

Mallorcan olives

Mallorcan olives

Mallorcan olives.

MDB files 20/05/2021

Mallorcan olives


Food and Wine: Mallorcan Olives put a few in your cooking pot

Our Bulletin's food expert explains why you should include green or black olives in your repertoire of everyday dishes.

Andrew Valente19/05/2021 15:00

Fillet of cod in a black olive crust with chorizo and white beans

Food & Fosh

A tasty recipe made with black olives

At this time of the year, I love to buy fresh, green untread Majorcan olives from local market stalls for pickling.

Marc Fosh29/10/2020 10:21