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Tourists are seen in Palma


Give Mallorca a break

It’s very easy to complain but this is not the year, this is the year of recovery so let’s get going!

Humphrey Carter13/05/2022 10:40

Tourists are seen in Palma

Tourists are seen in Palma

Tourists are seen in the Borne in Palma.

Ultima Hora 10/05/2022

British Airways


Viewpoint: Working together

“More co-ordination is needed between governments over travel...”

Jason Moore25/05/2021 10:47

Lifeguards on a beach

Majorca tourism

Palma baywatch operation hits the beaches tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, lifeguards will patrol five beaches in Palma with the added task of ensuring compliance with the Covid beach protocol.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/04/2021 14:54


Take the credit

“Full marks to the thousands of people employed by the tourist industry...”

Jason Moore18/09/2020 09:34


Summer season

“I feel very sorry for hotel staff who have worked so hard...”

Jason Moore18/08/2020 09:17



“The Balearic government needs to help local businesses...”

Jason Moore17/07/2020 10:52