Simon Manley


Brexit update from British ambassador

Check out the video about the current political situation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/07/2019 13:13

Majorca tourism


"German tourism down by 15 per cent, Brexit has failed to hit Britons..."

According to 57% of hotel confederation members, domestic tourism is expected to rise; 49% point to a drop in foreign tourism.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/07/2019 09:30

Lloyd Milen (left), Rosario Sánchez (third right).


Brexit doesn't pose a threat to UK tourism in the Balearics

The British Consul-General gave assurances about tourism, tourist spend and behaviour.

Humphrey Carter04/06/2019 18:39

Simon Bruce.


"Don't wait for Brexit, seek expert advice now"

Interview with leading British lawyer Simon Bruce, who has been described as "one of the very best lawyers in London for cases with an international dimension".

Humphrey Carter02/06/2019 07:25

Jorge Buxadé at the interview.


"If Vox had been in Brussels, there would have been no Brexit..."

Interview with Jorge Buxadé, Vox party’s primary candidate in today’s European elections.

Humphrey Carter25/05/2019 19:43


Spain and Brexit

A growing number of EU countries are willing to help the UK. But Spain?

Humphrey Carter05/04/2019 19:11

Juan Molas of Cehat (right).


Hotels boss worried about no deal Brexit

A hard Brexit could result in a 15% decrease in British tourism this summer.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/04/2019 18:46

Brexit debacle continues


EU parliamentary committee backs visa-free travel for Britons after Brexit

"The 12th of April is coming and the faith of millions of UK and EU citizens and their right to travel is in our hands."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/04/2019 12:20


May says she will quit if her Brexit deal is passed

Some forty members of the ERG European Research Group are said to now back the deal.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/03/2019 19:16


Brexit anger

I am angry that Britain is in this position with no clear way out.

Jason Moore23/03/2019 19:45


Brexit nightmare

May needs to resign; 10 out of 10 for effort, but effort is not enough.

Jason Moore17/03/2019 19:22


Brexit information meeting in Puerto Pollensa

The meeting at St Andrews Church is on 12 February.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/02/2019 19:54


Gibraltar and Brexit

Did Britain really believe that the EU would side with them rather than Spain?

Jason Moore03/02/2019 07:31


Small businesses point to serious impacts from Brexit

British property buying and holiday rentals tourism are important factors for Spain's economy.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/01/2019 18:34

Maria Frontera of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation called for the tourist tax to be suspended.


Promotional campaign because of Brexit fears

While a promotion campaign is being launched, the hoteliers have called for the tourist tax to be suspended.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/01/2019 16:20

Carmen Planas, president of the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations.


Majorca businesses wanting Brexit decisions

There are tourism concerns and worries about Balearic exports.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/01/2019 17:13


Brexit and the future

I have never really understood why Britain has such an issue with the European Union.

Jason Moore13/01/2019 19:24

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaras.


"Brexit was based on fake news and nationalist populism"

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaras believes that Tuesday will be "one of the most important days in modern history for the United Kingdom".

Humphrey Carter12/01/2019 19:26

Lorries arrive at the Port of Dover during a trial of how road will cope in case of a "no-deal" Brexit.


Balearic “British” companies ready for Brexit chaos

“We have been preparing for the past 18 months, it will be a throw back to before the Maastricht Treaty...”

Humphrey Carter09/01/2019 11:30


Brexit - be prepared

The Spanish government has adopted the attitude of keep calm and carry on.

Jason Moore29/12/2018 18:36

Balearic tourism business representatives with the secretary of state for tourism, Bel Oliver.


Balearic businesses concerned by Brexit "passivity"

The Spanish government's contingency plan for a no-deal Brexit doesn't mention tourism.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/12/2018 18:23


The Brexit facts

There can be no excuses such as no one told us that this could happen.

Jason Moore22/12/2018 18:48

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the media outside 10 Downing Street.


May says a new leader would have to extend or rescind Brexit notice

Theresa May said any new leader would have to extend the 29 March deadline for Britain's exit.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/12/2018 10:36

Bel Busquets rejected opposition claims of Brexit catastrophe.


Balearic government "not worried" about Brexit

The government is "not worried" about Brexit and is working to mitigate its tourism impact.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/12/2018 17:42


Brexit mess

“Has the government made a complete mess of the Brexit process?”

Jason Moore07/12/2018 09:17



“It is best to have your house in order and ease the Brexit fears...”

Jason Moore05/12/2018 09:34


Brexit mess

I have found myself feeling very sorry for the prime minister.

Jason Moore20/11/2018 17:45

Letters to the editor

Should we stay ...? (Brexit)

The country must have a second referendum. If the Brexiteers are so sure of themselves then it will be a shoo-in. Won’t it?

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/11/2018 17:42



May battles to save Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May battled this morning to save a draft divorce deal with the European Union.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/11/2018 12:32


Brexit deal

A deal with the European Union appears to be close, which is good news.

Jason Moore02/11/2018 18:16


In defence of Brexit

I find myself defending Brexit and saying that it could just work.

Jason Moore26/10/2018 20:34