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Santi Taura's restaurant Urba in Palma

Santi Taura's restaurant Urba in Palma

Sitting on this terrace with a view of the cathedral to one side and the open sea to the other felt very, very special.

Nataly Grbić 04/05/2023

The farmed lubina was nicely done and worth a 10.


Fishing for lunch in central Palma

Thumbs up or thumbs down? What does our Bulletin food expert have to say about this restaurant in the centre of Palma?

Andrew Valente16/10/2021 11:57

The entrecôte was exceptional and worth a 10


Galician entrecôte was a superb buy

This week our Bulletin restaurant critic visits a new Basque restaurant near the Mercat d'Olivar in Palma.

Andrew Valente14/11/2020 09:46