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Alfonso Rodríguez, mayor of Calvia, addressing an event.

Alfonso Rodríguez, mayor of Calvia, addressing an event.

The town hall's surplus will help in dealing with the deficit.

Pedro Aguiló Mora 12/09/2021


The Digital Illusion

Calvia town hall's emergency plan for the municipality's retailers is to apparently include a means by which businesses will be able to sell online.

Andrew Ede29/09/2020 06:35


Calvia planning four-metre distancing on beaches

There are 33 beaches in Calvia, and they all need capacity and social distancing regulation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/05/2020 12:03

Bars and restaurants

Increased size for Calvia bar and restaurant terraces

The town hall is due to unveil further measures to help businesses next week.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/05/2020 12:39

Town halls

Terrace tax in Calvia to be refunded

Calvia town hall has introduced various measures in response to coronavirus restrictions.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/03/2020 08:27

Town halls

Only nine Calvia businesses have modernisation grants

Under a third of the 2019 budget for grants to improve shops, etc. has been allocated.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/01/2020 13:58


Forty-nine fines for breaching Calvia animal bylaw

High on the list of infringements has been having dogs off the lead in areas where this is not permitted.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/05/2019 18:45

Animal welfare

Calvia taxis given the green light to take pets

Taxis are to be kitted out with harnesses or seat belts for pets.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/05/2019 18:33