Majorca tourism
Tourists in Palma, Mallorca


October foreign tourism in the Balearics was higher than in 2019

The combined total of foreign and national tourists in the Balearics in October was the highest ever.

Andrew Ede02/12/2022 16:12

Tourists in Formentor, Mallorca


Balearics tourist numbers, greater than most countries

Foreign tourism recovery in the Balearics has outstripped the European average by 15%.

Andrew Ede01/12/2022 07:46

Tourism conference at the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma, Mallorca

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Summer 2023 - the challenge of finding qualified staff

Affordable accommodation for employees from the mainland is just one of the issues.

Andrew Ede30/11/2022 08:47

MSC Cruises in Palma, Mallorca


Record number of cruise ships in Palma this December

High interest in Palma among cruise operators, but from next year a maximum of three ships per day.

Andrew Ede29/11/2022 08:52

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Next year's tourism in the Balearics will be the same as 2022 "or better"

The CEO of Hotelbeds stresses that "holidays are not being given up".

Andrew Ede27/11/2022 07:38

Mallorca, October leader for hotel stays


A quarter of October hotel stays in Spain were in the Balearics

Between May and October, the Balearics were the national leader for tourism figures.

Andrew Ede25/11/2022 10:07

Queues will be signficantly reduced at airports.

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Travelling to the Balearics to get easier for Britons

Failing to remove items from their bags or travelling with large bottles of liquids is the biggest cause of delays at airport security.

Humphrey Carter24/11/2022 11:17

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Balearics tourism recovery one of the strongest in the world

Catalonia has been toppled from its traditional number one position in Spain.

Andrew Ede24/11/2022 08:59

Visitors at the mirador in Deya, Mallorca

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Environment minister - it is "essential" to limit tourism growth

And it would be "crazy" to allow the population growth that has been forecast.

Andrew Ede23/11/2022 15:25

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Mallorca's tourism sector anticipating an "excellent" December

All things being relative; but up to 80% occupancy in hotels that are open.

Andrew Ede22/11/2022 08:08

Tourists want to have space and freedom to enjoy their destination.


“Tourists don’t like tourists, it’s time for a rethink”

"Tourism has the potential to become an agent of positive transformation that can contribute to a better quality of life for all."

Humphrey Carter19/11/2022 08:58

Imserso holidays for Spanish pensioners


Spanish pensioner holidays in Mallorca likely to be cut even more next winter

The Spanish government hasn't increased funding for Imserso holidays in the 2023 budget.

Andrew Ede17/11/2022 17:30

Queuing to get on to the Caló des Moro in Santanyi, Mallorca

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Mallorca must curb tourism growth, say economists

There is a need "to define the island in which citizens want to live and to leave a legacy for future generations".

Andrew Ede16/11/2022 07:47

Tourists in Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca

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The tourism being sold today "is totally out of date"

There is "a great divorce" between the tourism industry and society.

Andrew Ede15/11/2022 19:12

Paying the tourist tax at a Mallorca hotel

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Tourist tax was not conceived to reduce tourist demand

The Balearic tourism minister is ruling out any increase to the tourist tax.

Andrew Ede15/11/2022 07:58

Andreu Serra, councillor of tourism at the Council of Mallorca, with the president of the Council of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, after Mallorca received the Travel Bulletin's Star Family Holidays Destination award


Mallorca tourism councillor attacks "distorted information" in the British media

Mallorca's hoteliers are being asked not to give credibility to reports by sensationalist British tabloids.

Andrew Ede12/11/2022 15:21

Andreu Serra and Catalina Cladera of the Council of Mallorca at London's World Travel Market


Mallorca, 'star' of the London travel fair

Award for best family holidays destination to Mallorca.

Andrew Ede10/11/2022 07:20

Colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca

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2023 tourism season will be as good as 2019

The Balearics are "better positioned" than competitor destinations in the Mediterranean.

Andrew Ede09/11/2022 17:12

Members of the Balearic government listen to a presentation at London's World Travel Market

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Mallorca hoteliers pooh-pooh ten-month season forecast

"Not even the government knows when the season will start or when it will end."

Andrew Ede08/11/2022 17:15

Tourism in Mallorca - is there overcrowding?

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50% growth in tourism- that's a reason for no more tourism promotion...

Elections are coming up, and Més want to send out a clear message of their own.

08/11/2022 07:44

Holiday villa in Mallorca

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Impact of holiday rentals 'freeze' in Mallorca - just seven lost places

The holiday rentals sector has said that as many as 90,000 holiday rental places could disappear.

Andrew Ede05/11/2022 14:41

Illetes, Mallorca

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100 million euros for "changing the tourism model"

The 2023 budget is scheduled to be approved by parliament in December.

Andrew Ede04/11/2022 07:35

Arenal, Mallorca


Balearics September leader for foreign tourism

Compared with September 2019, foreign tourism in the Balearics was down by over 100,000.

Andrew Ede03/11/2022 11:59

Cruise ships and ferries in Palma, Mallorca


One hundred fewer cruise ship stopovers in Palma in 2023

A maximum of three cruise ships in 2023 with no exceptions.

Andrew Ede02/11/2022 07:13

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Palma Airport record for the end of October

The first week of November will be pretty busy.

Andrew Ede29/10/2022 07:25

Island Princess in Palma, Mallorca


Heir to 'The Love Boat' in Palma for the first time

The Pacific Princess was used for the American series The Love Boat.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/10/2022 08:19

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Palma winter flights up six per cent over pre-pandemic number

"Everything will depend on variables affecting the main market, Germany."

Andrew Ede20/10/2022 07:42

Peguera, Mallorca


Popular hotels closing after a holiday season of recovery

A familiar story of hotels and resorts shutting down for the winter.

19/10/2022 08:27

Agrotourism establishment in Mallorca


Big discounts as Spain takes aim at "Winter Nomads...."

On the Costa del Sol, there is a specific campaign to attract long-stay winter visitors.

18/10/2022 06:33

Cycling tourism in Playa de Palma, Mallorca


Mallorca, the European leader for cycling tourism

An overall economic benefit for Mallorca that is put at around 300 million euros.

Andrew Ede16/10/2022 08:28

Passengers arriving at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Overseas holidays still a priority for the British in 2023

An ABTA study has found that 61% of Britons intend holidaying abroad over the next twelve months.

Andrew Ede15/10/2022 12:20

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Mallorca hotels maintaining occupancy up to 75% in October

Half-term holidays in Europe help to keep some hotels open into the start of November.

Andrew Ede15/10/2022 07:14

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Balearics best Spanish tourism figures compared with 2019

Meanwhile, there is further criticism of the tourist tax.

Andrew Ede14/10/2022 09:13