Majorca tourism
A March day in Palma, Mallorca


Balearic low-season tourism hasn't grown significantly - "Maybe it's better this way"

The actual number of foreign tourists in the low-season months is much the same as it was in the noughties.

Andrew Ede07/04/2024 13:08

Cycling in Sineu, Mallorca


Promoting tourism in a Mallorca region with only a few hotels

Just over four per cent of Mallorca's total population lives in the Pla (Plain) region.

Andrew Ede31/03/2024 17:25

Julian Looman and Elen Rhys, stars of The Mallorca Files

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Mallorca Files actor promoting Mallorca at Berlin tourism fair

Julian Looman will be attending an event organised by the Council of Mallorca.

Andrew Ede03/03/2024 09:28

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca


Mallorca tourism expects a bumper Easter

An early Easter is not the deterrent to hotel opening that it once was.

20/02/2024 07:50

Playa de Palma, Mallorca


In search of Mallorca's tourism branding excellence

A branding guru has been hired by the Council of Mallorca's tourism department.

Andrew Ede16/02/2024 19:05

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Balearics annual tourist record shattered by 1.3 million

An astonishing increase that will only add to the debate about overtourism.

Andrew Ede02/02/2024 11:07

Ironman 70.3 in Alcudia, Mallorca


Tennis and Ironman at the centre of Mallorca sports tourism promotion

Sports tourism high on the agenda at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid.

Andrew Ede24/01/2024 16:19

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca

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Holiday lets are to blame for Mallorca tourist overcrowding

The greatest blame for problems of gentrification and saturation lies with "the uncontrolled growth of tourist rental housing".

Andrew Ede24/01/2024 07:52

German tourists in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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While Spain is losing British and German tourists, they are remaining loyal to the Balearics

In the Balearics, UK and German tourism has increased; this is not the case for Spain as a whole.

Andrew Ede08/01/2024 08:27

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Is Mallorca heading for another record tourism year?

No one forecast growth on the scale that there was in 2023.

Andrew Ede05/01/2024 08:17

Hotel Jumeirah in Puerto Soller, Mallorca

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Luxury tourism segment in Mallorca wants to attract ever more high spenders

Other destinations are said to be "years ahead" in terms of their use of tourist intelligence for their luxury markets.

Andrew Ede02/01/2024 09:02

Eurowings plane at Palma Airport, Mallorca


Mallorca tourism concern because of increased German air tax

"The increase in the tax could make summer holidays considerably more expensive for many millions of Germans."

Andrew Ede28/12/2023 08:15

Peguera, Mallorca

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Calvia splashing the cash on tourism

Calvia is committed to promoting all-year tourism.

Andrew Ede24/12/2023 12:19

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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The left have to take "some responsibility" for tourism dependence in the Balearics

The tourism minister, Jaume Bauzá, was pressed on tourist overcrowding and overpopulation.

Andrew Ede20/12/2023 09:11

Holiday villa in Mallorca

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Balearic holiday rental rules exceed regional powers

Regional legislation hasn't been challenged by the Spanish government, but it could be.

Andrew Ede19/12/2023 07:53

Playa de Palma, Mallorca


The enormity of Mallorca's tourism growth

A record tourism year is one thing; the massive increase in tourist numbers is another.

Andrew Ede17/12/2023 17:51

Holiday rental property in Mallorca


Holiday rental prices in Mallorca have risen eleven per cent

And are forecast to increase a further nine per cent in 2024.

Andrew Ede15/12/2023 08:09

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca

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Balearics shattering tourist records

Tourist numbers up to October were greater - and by a considerable distance - than the 2018 record for a whole year.

Andrew Ede09/12/2023 08:09

Punta Ballena in Magaluf, Mallorca

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Mallorca at London's World Travel Market - Will reform of the 'excesses' law overshadow promotion?

Promotional messages will be familiar, but some faces won't be, while there will also be reform of the tourism of excesses law.

Andrew Ede05/11/2023 12:39

Chinese tourists at an airport


Looking to the east - Direct tourist flights from Asia and the Middle East to Mallorca

The first objective is China, but there are also talks with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Andrew Ede05/11/2023 07:50

Cala en Porter in Menorca

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Balearics tourism in September smashed previous records

Up to September, there were over one million more tourists than in the current record year of 2018.

Andrew Ede02/11/2023 13:46

Mallorca featured in a 2019 series for the Chinese market entitled Spain Passion


Mallorca looking at direct flights for Chinese tourism

Contacts were made with two Chinese airlines at a fair in Istanbul earlier this week.

Andrew Ede21/10/2023 09:06

Image of Mallorca's Pla (Plain) region

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Colours of Mallorca's Plain for tourism promotion

The promotion of all-year sustainable tourism in Mallorca's Plain region.

Andrew Ede18/10/2023 09:22

Heat waves are increasingly common in Mallorca and the Balearics


Will holidaymakers avoid Mallorca because of hotter summers?

As well as the summer heat, there will be an impact from more expensive air travel.

Andrew Ede15/10/2023 09:03

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca


Spanish tourists flocking to the Balearics for National Day holidays

Trasmed anticipates record occupancy of its ferries from the mainland.

Andrew Ede12/10/2023 08:21

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Balearics remain on course to shatter the annual tourism record

Up to August, there were almost one million more tourists than in the current record year of 2018.

Andrew Ede04/10/2023 11:27

Calvia police in Magalluf, Mallorca


Changing Mallorca's tourism laws - Why take so long?

To have amendment to the tourism of excesses law in place for the 2024 season would be "extraordinary".

Andrew Ede03/10/2023 20:35

Cyclists in Formentor, Mallorca


Sports tourism - key to the growth of Mallorca's off season

After forty years of strategy, promotion of sports tourism is now truly bearing fruit.

Andrew Ede01/10/2023 18:06

Young German tourists in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Balearic tourism minister: Tourism of excesses law "can be greatly improved"

The tourism of excesses law "has not been able to stop those negative and viral images that we all know".

Andrew Ede24/09/2023 08:59

In January this year, the Balearics had 129,000 foreign tourists


The Balearics have become Spain’s summer tourism star

In all, Mallorca’s tourism increased by 4.5%, which included a dip of 9.2% among the Spanish. Ah yes, the Spanish. Mallorca’s become expensive for them, so some tourism industry sources have suggested...

Andrew Ede21/09/2023 13:09