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Protesting Ryanair employee at Madrid Airport


Cabin crew strikes in Spain confirmed

Cabin crew will be striking from Tuesday (Ryanair) and from Friday (easyJet).

Andrew Ede11/07/2022 18:03

Ryanair plane

Ryanair plane

The strikes haven't had that much impact because of the airline's insistence on 100% minimum services.

Reuters 02/07/2022


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Ryanair downplays strike, more stoppages to come

Unions have said the Irish airline does not respect local labour laws covering issues such as the minimum wage and have urged management to improve working conditions.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/06/2022 11:21


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Now Ryanair staff in Italy will strike

Labour unrest and staff shortages in Europe are causing headaches for travellers heading into the peak summer season, with airports and airlines clamouring to find more workers, minimize cancelled flights and reduce delays.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/06/2022 16:33

Ryanair planes at Palma Airport, Mallorca

Ryanair planes at Palma Airport, Mallorca

Ryanair is one of the main operators at Palma Airport.

Europa Press 15/06/2022


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Ryanair cabin staff to strike in Spain

“We have to resume mobilisation so that the reality of our situation is known and Ryanair is forced to abide by basic labour laws.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/06/2022 12:36



Ryanair halts wage talks in Spain despite strike threat, unions say

The threat comes as the airline sector hopes to recover this summer from the impact of the pandemic.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/06/2022 12:23


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South Africans travelling from the Balearics to UK face test in Afrikaans!

South Africa's Home Affairs department, which has warned of syndicates selling fake passports, said it would issue a statement on the Ryanair test.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/06/2022 16:32

Ryanair plane taking off in Palma, Mallorca

Ryanair plane taking off in Palma, Mallorca

Ryanair plane taking off in Palma.

Paul Hanna 20/05/2022

Ryanair plane taking off in Palma, Mallorca


Pilots' unions threatening Ryanair strikes this summer

Pilots' representatives in Spain and elsewhere are calling for "substantial change" to cabin crew working conditions.

Andrew Ede20/05/2022 16:26

Ryanair planes, Paris


Ryanair takes legal action

Ryanair stepped up its campaign against state aid last September to prevent airlines being bailed out by governments.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/11/2020 12:52

Coronavirus effects on economy in Britain


Airlines begin legal challenge to UK quarantine policy

The government introduced a blanket rule that all travellers arriving from abroad must self-isolate for 14-days after on June 8.

Reuters03/07/2020 12:32

Passengers at the Ryanair desk


Ryanair's holiday bookings surge, sees UK dropping quarantine

Ryanair, Europe's biggest budget airline, hopes a busy holiday season will boost confidence for a return of business travel.

Reuters27/05/2020 17:38