Etiqueta 'Tourism of excesses law'
Police in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Playa de Palma - The worst season ever in terms of security

The hoteliers accuse Palma town hall and the Council of Mallorca of inaction in responding to reports of illegal activities.

Andrew Ede17/09/2023 07:11

Two of those arrested and charged with rape in Magalluf


Member of the security forces - "Abuse is part of the holiday package"

Attitudes and behaviours of the 2020s make redundant a naive view that 1980s' partying tourism continues to prevail.

Andrew Ede24/08/2023 12:34

Stereo Temple club in Magalluf, Mallorca

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Legal challenge to Magalluf club fine and closure

A violation of freedom of enterprise, and the law doesn't specify behaviours that "denigrate" women.

Andrew Ede11/05/2023 06:38

Guardia Civil in Mallorca in an operation involving a party boat

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Demand for a crackdown on Mallorca's "floating discos"

The nightlife association has filed complaints about parties at sea with several town halls.

Andrew Ede10/05/2023 08:18

Stereo Temple in Magaluf faces a potentially huge fine

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Magalluf club to be fined for objectifying a female employee

Calvia town hall is pursuing a "very serious" breach of the tourism of excesses legislation.

Andrew Ede07/05/2023 08:29

Punta Ballena in Magaluf, Mallorca

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Magalluf, and 'the season' hasn't yet started

Tourism of excesses law ok, but what about the other visitors - the dealers, the so-called prostitutes ... ?

Andrew Ede30/04/2023 07:23