Etiqueta 'Alcudia'
The replica pistol.

The replica pistol.

The replica pistol.

Guardia Civil 10/01/2023

Fast ferry 'Cecilia Payne'


To Barcelona or Minorca from Alcudia and at 40 knots

Vessel will be able to reach Alcudia from Minorca in a matter of minutes.

Jason Moore30/05/2022 14:59

The Hoopoe


Wild Mallorca: King Tereus and Tolpis

The Greek playwright Aristophanes (446-386 BC) states King Tereus was transformed into a Hoopoe by the Gods as punishment for his crimes.

Neville James-Davies29/05/2022 15:53

Alcudia town hall spent 74,362 euros.

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Ironman, the benefits and the gripes

The overall economic value, the University of the Balearic Islands concluded, was 9,050,612 euros.

Andrew Ede13/05/2022 13:12

Horses Deserve Meaningful Lives

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Animal welfare group: ban horse drawn carriages and replace them with electric vehicles

They need sufficient exercise as well as appropriate food, fresh water, regular care, and veterinary treatment.

Jason Moore10/05/2022 16:54