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Palma airport


Palma airport prepared for Brexit

There is to be a specific hall for baggage reclaim and a “provisional” solution for customs. All UK passengers will pass through this hall and leave through a separate exit.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/12/2019 09:57



“It does appear that at last we can all start moving forward again...”

Jason Moore14/12/2019 09:54

Britain's general election 2019


Reality check for Johnson's Brexit it's just the beginning

Johnson should now be able to secure parliamentary approval for the withdrawal deal he struck with the European Union in October so that Brexit happens on Jan. 31.

Reuters13/12/2019 09:48


The election

“This has been a pretty average campaign, just like the candidates...”

Jason Moore11/12/2019 09:53


Give us the vote

“Long term expats deserve the vote and should have their own Minister in the British government....”

Jason Moore09/12/2019 09:53


The big split

“Scottish nationalists can´t demand a referendum until they get their result..”

Jason Moore28/11/2019 14:03


Corbyn and expatriates

While the Boris brigade has failed to be forthcoming on expats, Labour has.

Humphrey Carter23/11/2019 09:32


The debate

“Johnson did OK but Corbyn did alot better than many had thought...”

Jason Moore21/11/2019 09:59

Sir Roger Gale


British government under pressure to come clean over future of expatriates

b “Deal” and “No Deal” scenarios are very different at present. There is a need to secure protection of rights under either.

Humphrey Carter13/11/2019 09:50


Expats in Gove’s hands...

There may be a Brexit departure breather but I’m not too happy about Gove’s role.

Humphrey Carter31/10/2019 09:59


Johnson woes

“Boris Johnson cut a deal but it all could be for nothing.”

Jason Moore18/10/2019 09:44

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson


Britain clinches Brexit deal, Johnson now faces parliament challenge

Johnson is hoping to get approval for the agreement in a vote at an extraordinary session of the British parliament on Saturday

Reuters17/10/2019 14:25

Tourism Campaign to promote the Balearics


Value of the pound is biggest Brexit tourism concern

5,000 of 33,000 lost Thomas Cook airline seats have been recovered in the past few days; the majority of these are for Majorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/10/2019 11:32


Carrier strike

“Off the east coast of the United States, Britannia, does rule the waves.”

Jason Moore16/10/2019 09:48